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1: Personal recommendation from professional soccer coaches or reputable individuals (current and former professional players and coaches and club coaches or DOC's).

By far the best way to get recruited. Our PSV staff as well as the partnership with Soccerbook ensures we are connected to nearly every college in the country. Most of the recruiting is done this way. Generally the greater the reputation of the coaching staff the stronger the recommendation. Getting validation from a trusted source is based on several criteria: 

1) Are you able to play at the level you are seeking to play? 2) Are you academically qualified: What will you be like as a person and player in 2-3-4 years? Is this player likely to improve and motivated? What are the players' technical, tactical and physical qualities? Is the player coachable and interested in learning? Do they have a good attitude and have a positive impact on teammates? What is the players commitment like now? Do they apply themselves in practice and have a good work ethic & enthusiasm in the game? Do they self-train and motivated to do their homework on their own without being prompted? 

a) Playing Ability

b) Coachability 

c)  Reputation i.e top youth club coaches and professional trainers are in the 'reputation protection' business. They wont refer you unless a few criteria are met. Ability. a good attitude, committment to the game and improving as well as a strong desire to play for a particular school will get you the connection you usually need. Players with ability but a poor attitude and poor training habits wont get the introduction they need. Remember, the school is asking for a 4 year reference. They want to know what you will be like in 2-3- 4 years.

College coaches then follow up with a personal visit to games and practices. they will always want to see a player train and play and know the background and habits of a player. what will this player be like when they join a college program? how do they practice? do they train well? are the interested in the game? will they excel? do they have the desire and dedication and aptitude for self improvement (remember there a tonne of NCAA restrictions that prevent college coaches from 'forcing' players to even practice! to improve once in the door? getting into a program and staying in are 2 different things.

2: College ID & Summer ID camps 

Excellent way for coaches to see players for extended period of time; these camps allow colleges to be creative with NCAA recruiting rules re: recruiting. its a great way for college coaches to get to know the players' personality. coachability, attitude (towards teammates, coaches etc) and training habits; excellent way for players to see the campus and get a feel for the environs and meet the staff). Do not attend an ID camp without consulting with PSV Union to check if it the right fit for you. Generally its not advisable to attend ID camps until after Freshman year. 

3: League Play & Practice 

Very important to see players play in their element- coaches like to see how players train). We have had many players offered scholarships and roster spots from being scouted at training games or practice games at hour home field. 

4: Club ID Platforms 

National team, US Soccer Federation Trainings, ODP, PDP, id2 platforms. (even these players will need to get a strong recommendation: training habits; future potential etc). These platforms will not provide you with college assistance. Unless players are on the National teams most players who attend these events will only gain some attention. College coaches will look favorably on players who are selected to these platforms but they wont guarantee players a spot on a college team. 

5: Tournaments

Hit and miss. You may play well, or not; Coaches may or may not see your best performances;You may even not be on the field when they are watching- they may not even be there- A good place to get 'seen' but you will still need personal references and you will likely be told to attend their ID camps and they will tell you they will follow up with more scouting. 

6: Video 

Be careful with what you upload. Make sure you coordinate with the PSV Director of Coaching to see if your video is going to get you the positive response you are seeking. Most videos are made poorly and can hurt, rather than help, your chances. College coaches know every editing trick in the book. Videos rarely work unless they are very well filmed & edited. Research thoroughly before sharing film. Do not send more than 2-3 mins of highlights.