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Women's Premier Soccer League News

Womens Premier Soccer Returns to Palo Alto
March 14, 2005 

Union Football Club announces entry into the Womens Premier Soccer League - 
Takes 2nd place at prestigious Las Vegas Silver Mug tournament over Presidents Day weekend.


Palo Alto, CA - The Union Football Club announced the return of womenâs competitive soccer to the Peninsula-Silicon Valley area by placing second in the 18 team, Presidentâs Day-Silver Mug soccer tournament held annually in Las Vegas.  Competing against teams from Missouri, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Utah and California, the U.F.C. played eight games in three days in their first competition as a team, winning 7 and losing in the final, scoring 16 and conceding only 2 goals. The team was managed and trained by Gary Ireland and coached by Simon Ireland of World Soccer.   


The team was comprised of the following players: Katie Ratican (Cal), Susan Rae (former Gunn High School, Princeton and Charlton F.C-England), Carine Ireland (former Liverpool F.C Gunn High School and Stanford University), Terry Galvez (former San Jose St.), Ciarra McCormack (Canadian Womenâs National Team & Hampton Rhodes), Lindsey Hunt (Stanford University) Devvyn Hawkins (U.S.A. national team member & former Santa Clara and WUSA), Betsy Barr (former W.U.S.A.-Cyberrays and Portland), Kat Harrington (former Stanford University),  Ashley McGhee (Canadian womenâs national team), former Los Altos residents, sisters Martina Holan and Regina Holan who played for Colorado College and Cal/Portland respectively and are members of the Canadian and Greek womensâ national teams, Stanford University players Gina Farias-Eisner,  Shari Summers (U.S.A. U-19) and Leah Tapscot as well as former Santa Clara player Ruby Carinoand Cupertino resident and Cal player Jennifer Medina. The team goalkeeper was Heather Hartman (Hayward).


Union F.C faced four teams during the tournament which compete in the WPSL, going 4-0 including a win over defending WPSL champions and number 6th ranked team in the world, California Storm, featuring USA National team player, Brandi Chastain.  ÎI suppose you can say that we are up there with the best of themâ says Club President and team assistant coach Gary Ireland. ãThe game was definitely an even affair. Union F.C also defeated a very strong Denver team, which featured current U.S.A. womenâs national team player Kat Reddick


Union F.C President Gary Ireland stated. ãThe Union FC staff did brilliantly to put together this fully funded tournament team in such a short period of time. The community also helped fund this event, which allowed us to assemble such a high profile and high-level squad of players. The Union FC  has  former professional and collegiate players on our coaching staff. With Regina and Carine, we had 2 players who are coaching our Under 8,9,10, 11 and 12 girlsâ teams. This is great for the kids because they are learning from coaches who actually play soccer at the highest levels. You canât beat that in terms of player development. Kids need Îstrong visualsâ.  Having an adult team in any club is such a positive example for the youth players and collegiate players.ä


Union Football Club was formed in 2003, by professional soccer players, coaches and administrators for soccer players, providing them with an environment of learning and high level competition. The Womens team was formed in late 2004 and accepted into the Womens Premier Soccer League (WPSL) in December 2004.  The team itself was formed in January 2005 in preparation for the Silver Mug tournament.  The UFC felt an environment  was needed for women who wish to compete at the highest level possible. The make up of the team is a combination of top collegiate and former college players, former WUSA players, US national team members, internationals and top high school/youth players. You can find out more about Union FC  womenâs team by visiting their homepage at


Game 1                   UFC 3 (McGhee, Carino, M.Holan)

                                     Turbo DâFeeters 0

Game 2                   UFC 2 (M.Holan, Ratican)

                                    San Diego WFC 0

Game 3                   UFC 2 (Ratican, Barr)

                                     SF Nighthawks 0

Game 4                    UFC 1 (Barr)

                                    Colorado Rush 0

Game 5                   UFC 1 (R.Holan)

                                    Denver Diamonds 0

1/4Final                  UFC 6 (Summers 2,Randall 2, Carino, Ratican)

                    Colorado Rush 0

 ¸ Final                  UFC 1 (Ratican)

                                CA Storm 1 (Schott)

UFC advances on pkâs 4-1

Final                       UFC 0
                                Seattle Saints 1