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  • 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, 5 v 5 etc
  • Numbers up and down on small and big fields...etc. 
  • Outdoor '5 a -s-side/futsal hybrid type game  (we have 6 Futsal goals we use on grass) 
  • Tennis Courts/blacktop
  • Small framed goals 3 x 4. (1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3 goals) 
  • Small field using 11 v 11 goals (3/4 size in small sided format) 
  • Small field using 9 v 9  goals
  • Half field 9 v 9  size goals (narrowing the field)
  • 1/4 field using Futsal goals
  • 1/8 field using Futsal goals
  • Transition games (all field sizes)


SPRING SEASON: We focus on hybrid individual & small group & 5 v 5, shooting..

SUMMER SEASON: We focus on developing players personality, fun, learning new techniques and concepts 

FALL SEASON: We focus on the team; system; formations; roles

WINTER SEASON: We focus on individual technical & 1 v 1; 2 v 2 etc.

PRE-SEASON: July 15th-July 31st

We require all players to prepare for the Fall season by attending team pre-season training. The pre-season training runs Monday- Friday typically 2 weeks before Surf Cup. The camp is typically robust and challenging physically for the players who are required to come into camp in top physical form. The week leading up to Surf Cup we reduce the intensity and 'come down' a little in order to rest players and recover before the challenging tournament the week after. Note: We do not permit players to participate in tournaments or league play unless they have prepared properly. Players who return from Summer 'break' in less than stellar form will train separately under supervision until the appropriate physical and technical level is up to par. Because of the strict requirement we tend to find players returning to pre-season training in excellent condition. Intra squad & intra club games are played during pre-season along with physical tests with and without the ball. We do not play against other clubs during the pre-season week. After the week of training we give the weekend off asking players to recover and self train and then re-commence the following week. Players who are fully recovered can do double day sessions, one being light technical. Each player is monitored to ensure they arent doing too much. 

  • Ball manipulation: Coerver/Hybrid, Vogelsinger etc. 
  • Dribbling exercises/running with the ball/fitness on ball
  • Turning, Shooting, Combination passing
  • Small-sided games with conditions (touch restrictions etc) 
  • Transitional practice
  • Coaching in 11 v 11, e.g. attack v defense

FALL SEASON: August 1st- December 1st

The Fall season commences after mandatory team camp in late July and continues through December 1st. We typically start the Fall pre-season with the first week of July Surf Cup with League games beginning in September. During the month of August we play mostly intra squad and intra club 5 v 5 & 7 v7 small sided games instead of playing against opposition. During the Fall season after players not seeing as much of one another due to a longer lay off we get everyone on the same page and focus on the following: 

  • Collective play/possession
  • Building from back in 11 v 11 9 v 9 etc. 
  • Wide play 
  • Transition
  • Pressing
  • Team tactics, systems and structure
  • Set plays & team shape
  • Expanding to full field games
  • Decision making & teaching players how to compete, assessing risk taking (when and where to experiment). 
  • Tempo change  
  • Phases of play, patterns of play

WINTER SEASON: December 1st- March 1st

The Winter season commences after Surf Cup Thanksgiving. We have a 2 week break at the end of Dec with optional training or reduced program. During the Winter teams/players play in a winter league, friendly games and tend to stay locally.  Players who opt out of HS soccer or arent HS age continue to practice, play scrimmages and participate in tournaments during this time. The Winter season is the 'coaches favorite' because of the technical focus during this season. The focus is on one player-one ball in a majority of the sessions and focus on small sided games such as: 1 v 1; 2 v 2, 3 v 3, 5 v 5. We do not play full size games/fields. Instead we use small sided goals (3ft x 4 ft) goals on small fields in a variety of different formats. We spend considerable time on the blacktop using snall goals and play an extensive amount of soccer tennis using many variations of the game (one bounce; no bounces; one touch, two touches etc). Because of rain we are often using walls for wall training. Our focus is on developing specific techniques and improving certain aspects of the game by concentrating on more practices and less full-field "official" games.

  • Dribbling and Dominating opponent. Developing personality on the ball 
  • Pressing. 
  • Improving combativeness in tight spaces to get players comfortable with contact and learning how to avoid pressure. 
  • Encouraging players to run with the ball, embracing pressure
  • Improving first touch: Receiving balls out air with variety of surfaces, bouncing balls etc. 
  • Improving Passing & Distribution: Chipping, bending, driving, clipping, passing with all surfaces. 
  • Soccer Tennis in various formats, Using Basketball backboards, 

SPRING SEASON: March 1st- June 1st

We commence Spring training in early March and league play resumes in late March/early April. Spring season can have its weather challenges as it often rains through April which keeps us on the turf and blacktop. Spring small groups resume with a focus on shooting, crossing, longer passes all focused towards definition in the final third and goalscoring/finishing. league play resumes in April and May with 1-2 games per weekend. We do not enter State Cups or regional tournaments during the Spring because we feel that the intra cub games and weekend league games is sufficient for the players. We try to stay local in the Spring although teams often attend Vegas Showcase and sometimes PDA. In the Spring we only use Futsal Goals during team training and play in a variety of ways using different dimensions. Players play outdoor Futsal 3 x per week at least. PSV purchased 6 full size Futsal goals, had wheels put on the goals and move them to various parts of the field. All of the teams play with/against each other, with the olders playing the youngers in numbers up situations. Unlike the Fall season where we do a lot of hands on coaching and instruction, in the Spring we guide the players and put them in pressure situations in time and space constraints and allow the game to teach them. While there is some instruction there is not as much as in the Fall. Players enjoy this time of year immensely. 

  • Extensive use of Futsal goals. No goalkeepers. Requires playing a higher line. Pressing to ensure players arent shooting too soon. 

SUMMER SEASON: June 1st- July 15th

During this time, optional training and clinics are offered with the occasional mid summer training tournament such as Davis. We offer players time off from (approx) June 1- July 15 , however most players who are in town continue to train daily. We do not allow players to train back to back sessions in the summer but we do encourage players to try to develop as much on their own and spend time experimenting with various trainings. Many players attend college ID camps. We do not offer weekend trainings or games in the month of June and into the first week of July, however, we do offer twice daily training from 8-10 am and 4:30-6:30 pm, Monday- Friday.