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Nick Athens, founder of Athens Chiropractic will appear at a health educational and injury prevention and treatment speaker talk each season where he will provide answers to FAQ and a Q&A. PSV coaching staff will also work more closely with his staff to provide updated PSV Union player injury status and coordinate real time player injury information and treatment solutions.


'Many top athletes and sporting organizations have trusted Nick with their health and performance and he is considered a leader in his field in the country. With PSV players being treated by Nick and the fact that his daughter has been with PSV for several years it makes sense to work with the best talent, known to us who is close to our location. Our kids and coaches love the work he does and we trust his work which needs no endorsement!' Gary Ireland. PSV Union FC Director. 

About: Nick Athens has been a PSV parent for over 3 years. His daughter Olivia Athens is UNC bound soccer player (2017) and is also a member of the USA U8 Womens National Team. Nick is the owner/founder of Athens Chiropractic, specializing in spinal care, massage therapy, in extremity conditions (e.g. shoulder and hip bursitis, knee tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Morton's Neuromas, heel and foot pain, elbow and wrist conditions and carpal tunnel syndrome, among others) and is very comfortable working with various child ailments. Many PSV players have received care from Athens Chiropractic for the past several years and PSV coaches are clients. Dr. Athens is a team chiropractor for the San Francisco 49er football team. When legendary Serie A club Juventus came to the Bay Area in 2014 he was called upon to treat the team. He was also a team chiropractor for the San Francisco Giants baseball team, from 1997-2002. He is the only chiropractor to be on a Super Bowl pre-game show when in 1990, he adjusted former quarterback Joe Montana on national TV, before the game with the Denver Broncos. Some of his celebrity patients include: Tom Brady, Roger Craig Joe Montana and Michelle Wei (LPGA). Dr. Athens has been in practice for almost 33 years and he has been featured in many local and national publications.

Sports Orthopedic and Rehabilitation (SOAR) specializes in sports medicine, orthopedic surgery, and rehabilitative medicine. Patients are comprised of Pro. and recreational athletes. SOAR specializes in sports medicine and arthroscopy, ligament reconstruction, hand and micro surgery, total joint replacement, fractures, foot surgery, and pediatric and adolescent sports medicine. SOAR has been providing orthopedic assistance to the PSV staff for the past 15 year and has agreed to hold regular informative speaker sessions attended my prominent surgeon Dr George Thabitt.