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PSV seeks the following type of players and families:
* committed to individual, team and CLUB development
* good communicators (schedule etc)
* a strong interest in all levels (college, pro) of the game
* good academic and soccer students with a desire to learn & improve
* strong work ethics-determined-great attitude-self motivated
* sees the value of training & practice not just competition
* keen to pursue a scholar athlete-college development pathway 
PSV Union is an all-girls soccer club with a focus on long term development in all aspects of the game (technical, tactical, psychosocial, physical), starting with teaching and developing a strong technical base and fundamental understanding of the game, and encouraging homework and practicing outside of team trainings. We expect every PSV player to play some form of college or beyond. If you really enjoy the game, want to learn and committed to improving then you are probably a PSV Union-type player. We look for the correct attitude in a player FIRST as a pre-requisite to becoming a member of the club and equally important is the family support and alignment with PSV expectations. We offer top quality instruction and a high level training environment that focuses on teaching and developing a passion for the game over the long term. Our goal is to help all players learn and improve, whatever their level or experience. If players come to PSV Union when they are young then naturally we have a chance to impact their long term development and ultimately long term success. Players who come to us older can still learn but time is time and the chances of it being a 'match' decreases as players become older. Players seeking to play in college will find PSV is the right environment to attain this goal. PSV Union recognizes that players are required to have good grades and place a premium on academics and prioritizes a pursuit of academic excellence in tandem with aspirations of becoming a college scholar athlete. 

When trying out for the team please provide some information for us: (also complete your Pass2me profile) 


Pls answer the following questions: 

- What are you looking for in a program?
- Do you practice on your own? If so how often? 
- What are your playing ambitions/goals?
- Are you playing year-round? If so how many trainings per week do you do with your team? List extra training. 
- When would you want to/be able to join if it was a good fit?
- Name your favorite player/s and team/s
- Tell us your juggling score


Players & Parents follow these simple steps to activate your Pass2me account.​

We want to learn more about the player before extending an invitation to train or tryout so we require parents/players to set up a Pass2me account so we can assess evaluate and track players. The players 'Player Page' data is NOT publicly viewable.

Once youve uploaded the information we can see if its a good fit for both the player an the club. Players under the age of 13 should have accounts managed/owned by their parents. PSV Union coaches and players use players Pass2me accounts to share player activity (training, games), college recruiting, share video & docs as well as evaluations and self evaluations.   

Players should list: 

* favorite player

* favorite team

* juggling score

* GPA/academics

* more about themselves including playing experience and ambitions and anything they might want to share about themselves including awards and achievements.

note: upon activating your account players are searchable on the Pass2me Player Tracker system. Once your account is activated PSV will request to join your page. Only members of you page can view details of your page. fyi. parents, club coaches typically belong to the players accounts. 


Contact for specific tryout dates & information



PSV Union players practice and play year-round: 

  • SUMMER SEASON (June-July- CAMPS ) 
  • FALL SEASON (Aug-Nov)
  • WINTER SEASON (Dec 1st-Feb 28) is primarily a "training" season where most  practices comprise of small-sideda; 1v1,2v2, 3v3, 5v5 or similar games using futsal goals outdoors as well as other small sided configurations, with occasional friendly games, and small group trainings for players participating in high school soccer. Our focus is on developing specific techniques and improving certain aspects of the game by concentrating on more practices and less full-field "official" games.


New players ONLY must submit the following:

  • US Club Soccer registration form completed & signed
  • photocopy of a birth certificate or passport
  • 1" x 1" headshot photo - no hats or sunglasses

Submit paperwork by:

  • Scanning & Emailing, then mailing original wet-ink US Club form click here to download Fall Registration form​

Fees/Payment Method:

  • Credit Card (by PayPal; convenience/processing fees apply). Online payment option can be found in the team group page on
  • Check. Send paperwork & payments to: 

PSV Union FC, 555 Bryant St #437, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Reach us at


PSV can accept trialists/training players if: 

  • Players are healthy with no injuries or illness preventing them from full participation
  • they are not scheduled to play a game the day of a game (on their existing team) or there is risk of fatigue causing sub par performance on their current team
  • Players/Family has advised their current team coach and manager that they intend to tryout. 
  • Player is unsigned or not committed to an existing team. 
  • Player has ceased to play or train with their existing team
  • Player has established a training regimen with PSV subject to the approval of PSV and existing team

PSV cannot sign players in mid season unless existing team coach/manager agrees to release player or established a training agreement with PSV. New players wishing to join PSV Union should complete their oblligations, including financial, to their existing team/club.  


The PSV Union FC philosophy is based on a long term approach to development that focuses on providing top level instruction and a positive learning environment encouraging and reinforcing the importance of practice and repetition to master the fundamentals and nurturing a love for the game. We have a strong club oriented model to promote this development in which all teams, players and coaches collaborate and cooperate to ensuring our long term players' development goals are achieved. Our highly qualified licensed coaches have many years of experience with all ages and levels around the world and have a strong commitment to teaching and sharing their passion for the game. PSV Union players range in age & level from 4-year-olds to 17-year-old National team and college bound players. We welcome players of various levels & experiences!  


We dont have set tryout dates. Instead we invite all interested players to attend a few practices to see if there is a good fit. Practices are a great way for kids to get familiarized with a new environment and coaching program and get to know the coaches and players, and reduces the pressure of attending "tryouts" because we treat it as a training and learning opportunity as well as a chance for our coaches to assess players. We want to see how players train and how they absorb the material being illustrated by the PSV coaching staff. 


Soccer players get better by playing soccer. Its a fact. While many of our players concentrate on soccer as their sport of choice, we do have a number of players (primarily U13 and younger) who participate in multiple sports. Soccer is the primary sport of players at PSV Union and they continue to practice and play year-round while participating in other activities. We prefer single sport (Soccer only) players in the club because these players tend to experience accellerated improvement. Few multi-sport players older than 13 years of age excel in the game. 

During the Winter training season, we are more flexible with practice attendance and players are able to incorporate other activities during this time. Winter is a great developmental season that is more flexible for those doing a second sport during this season. Some on players on rare occasions take the Winter season off but almost all players choose to continue during the Winter. 

Players are required to be committed to the team during the league seasons and require players to continue to train on their own (homework) throughout the year, even if on a reduced schedule during the off-seasons (winter and summer). If players want to participate in additional activities, we try to work with every player who loves soccer and is committed to the game so that they can still participate at PSV Union .  

We encourage the continuation of training throughout the year because long term development comes from consistent training and repetition. Almost every one of our players chooses to play year round (although some of our youngest players reduce practices during the Winter), and this has helped tremendously in players' development and acquisition of new skills, techniques and understanding of the game.

High School aged players have the option of playing Winter High School soccer with some opting to train with club during winter season to optimize their level of training and benefit from a focused and high level training environment and concentrate on developing essential high level skills.

How important is it for a club’s philosophy to permeate throughout the club?

Very important. At Barcelona, the philosophy is all about the touch and what they do with the ball rather than a particular system of play. Nobody, including me, can see what system they play because the players are so good and can all interchange positions. But everyone at Barcelona knows how they have to touch the ball and the runs they need to make. At Ajax, they have been playing the same 4-3-3 system since the 1970s, in the days of Johan Cruyff. Every team in the club has to play this way. I recall my last season as a player there in 1997-98, when Morten Olsen was head coach. We were doing fantastically well; top of the league and 10 or 11 points clear of PSV in second. But for one fixture all three of our wingers were injured, so Morten decided that we would need to play 4-4-2. We won the game, but the next day there were reports in the press saying “Disaster…how can Ajax play 4-4-2?” It was as though we’d committed a major offence.I don’t believe you should be quite so rigid in your philosophy, but it does need to permeate the whole club, through the system of player progression. If there is a clear club philosophy, the young players coming through know the basics they need to progress. (Michael Laudrup)


Click on this link to see graduates from PSV 

* 50+ NCAA D1 & D3 Players 

* 7 World Cup & Olympic Players

* 12 US Soccer Training Center Players

* 13 National Youth Team Players

* 23 Regional ODP/PDP Players

* 5 National Id2 Camp

* 35 California State PDP/ODP Players

* 500+ High School Varsity Players


  • USA U14 National Team 
  • USA U15 National Team
  • USA U17 National Team
  • USA U18 National Team
  • USA U19 National Team
  • Mexico U19 National Tea
  • Mexico U20 National Team
  • Mexico Womens National Team
  • Israel U17 National Team
  • Greece Womens National Team
  • Canada Womens National Team

COLLEGES: Santa Clara, Stanford, William & Mary, Duke, Michigan, Dartmouth, USF, Cal Poly, St Mary's, Santa Cruz, Duke, Washington, Colorado College, North Carolina, Cal, Fresno State, Portland, Denver, Yale, Emory, UC Davis, Boston College, Princeton, Chicago, UCLA, Riverside, USC, Santa Barbara, Bowdoin, UCSD, Amherst, Rochester.