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PSV Union Academy Teams (1998-2012 birth years)


PSV Union FC 99/00/01 Academy (USSDA & Norcal NPL)

PSV Union FC 01/02 Academy (USSDA & Norcal NPL)

PSV Union FC 03/04 Academy (USSDA & Norcal NPL)

PSV Union FC 04/05 Academy (USSDA & Norcal NPL)

PSV Union FC 05/06 Academy (USSDA & Norcal NPL)


PSV Union FC 06/07G Premier (NorCal)

PSV Union FC 07G Gold/Silver (NorCal) 

PSV Union FC 07/08 Premier (NorCal)

PSV Union FC 08G Gold/Silver (NorCal)

PSV Union FC 08/09 (NorCal)

PSV Union FC 09G Gold/Silver (NorCal) 

PSV Union FC 09/10 (NorCal) (New in Winter/Spring) 

PSV Union FC 10G Gold/Silver (NorCal) (New in Winter/Spring) 

PSV Union FC 10/11G Premier (NorCal) (New in Winter/Spring) 


PSV Union FC 11G Premier (NorCal) (New in Winter/Spring) 

PSV Union FC 11/12G (NorCal) (New in Winter/Spring) 

PSV Union FC 12G (NorCal) (New in Winter/Spring) 




PSV Union has teams for U8 to U18 girls. All teams play in competitive leagues at various levels of play, from developmental to Premier or Elite. We select the level of play that teams participate in according to players‘ experience and level of development. Our goal is to help each team and all players, whatever their level, improve continuously from season to season.

Our primary focus is on long term development and continuous improvement through practice. Games come with this, and are certainly exciting and fun, but we try not to over-do it with games and tournaments. Our older teams do more showcases and tournaments and travel more while younger teams focus mostly on league games and local play. 

PSV Union teams play soccer year-round. During Fall and Spring seasons, we play in league games and tournaments. During Winter season, our teams continue to practice and play friendly games and small-sided games and the focus is on developing skills, small sided games, and really improving on the fundamentals. If we can, we try to do a 5v5 or local tournament in Jan or Feb on a weekend. During Summer, we offer optional training, camps and clinics. Sometimes our older players continue team activities during this time if we have a scheduled tournament. Pre-season for Fall begins with mandatory team camp in late July or early August (depending on your age group).

We also offer supplemental “small group” training that focuses on improving and working on technique outside of the regular team practices. Most of our premier level and HS aged players participate in this in order to refine their technique, improve at the fundamentals and develop advanced skills and insights into the game.


We do not hold official tryout days but invite interested players to tryout by attending a few of our team practices. Contact us at to arrange a tryout. Visit Tryouts page for more information.


  • Fall Pre-Season Team Camp/Training: mid July to early August
  • Fall Season: early August through late November
  • Winter Season: December through end of February
  • Winter Break: last 2 weeks of December
  • Spring Season: March through mid June
  • Summer Season/Break: mid June through mid July

WINTER SEASON: An Important Part of the PSV Union Program

As a year-round club, PSV Union offers a winter season for all our teams after the Fall league season finishes. We consider this an important "non-league" season for development and expect players to continue training as we are a year-round program for committed players. There will be some full field friendly games but winter is primarily focused around training and small sided games, which our players very much enjoy as opportunities to try new skills and develop their creativity. 

All of our younger teams, U14 and under, continue to train & play during this time, from late November and early December to the end of February. Some of our High School aged players also opt to continue training with us in order to focus specifically on essential skill development and high level techniques, while others take a short break from club soccer to play with their school team. 

Goals of Winter Training

  1. Progress comes from continuous efforts to teach and acquire new skills and repeating learned material and this is how players can truly improve.
  2. We want all players to continue their progress, even if they do other activities/sports in addition during the winter. We can be more flexible with attendance and arrange a schedule that works during the winter training season, if notified in advance.
  3. The winter is a fun season when we focus on skills, small sided games, playing on courts, playing a variety of friendly game situations, etc. and place more emphasis on more individualized development than team or full-field games. Small sided games where results aren't recorded are still competitive but emphasize creativity, ingenuity and learning through playing the game. This is an important part of player development. Young players need opportunities to develop and attempt new things and gain confidence under varying environments with different amounts of pressure, and with different age groups.
  4. We can provide strong guidance, material and training in a high level environment that is optimal for player development. 

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