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All PSV Union players have a player page on Having a Player Profile on makes the tryout process much easier for our coaching staff and management. Players under the age of 13 should have Player Pages managed/owned by their parents. PSV Union coaches and players use players Player Pages to share player activity (training, games), college recruiting, share video & docs (premium option) as well as evaluations.  We recommend trialits set up a Player Page so PSV coaches can evaluate and track the player during pre-tryouts, tryouts. Trialists should include;

  • birthdate
  • current club
  • GPA
  • playing position
  • write about themselves
  • list favorite player, team, juggling score etc. 
  • references


1: START A FREE ACCOUNT on (if the parent owns the account use the parents DOB) 

2: ACTIVATE YOUR PLAYER PAGE on  this will not change the name of the master account holder-only the Player Page will show the players data)


note: upon activating your Player Page, players are searchable on the Player Tracker system. Once your Player Page is activated PSV will request to join the player page. Only members of the players Player Page can view details and follow this player. Parents, club coaches typically belong to the players Player Page. 


Contact We will request to join your Pass2me Player Page upon receiving an inquiry. See (left) how to set up your Player Page

New players submit the following:

* US Club Soccer registration form completed & signed. SEE FORM BELOW or go to tryout page to access form

* photocopy of a birth certificate or passport

* 1" x 1" headshot photo - no hats or sunglasses​


* Scan then email the photo & bcert to us, then mail original wet-ink US Club form to us at the address below. SEE FORM BELOW or click here to download Registration form ​CLICK HERE FOR MORE TRYOUT INFORMATION 


Each team has different prices based on their unique schedules. Check your Team's group page on Pass2Me SEE BELOW for team-specific payment information and PayPal link. 

Payment Method: 

* Check (send by mail-please do not deliver by hand)

* Credit Card (by PayPal; convenience/processing fees apply) 

Send paperwork & payments to:

PSV Union FC. 555 Bryant St #437. Palo Alto, CA 94301


New players ONLY must submit the following:

  • US Club Soccer registration form completed & signed
  • photocopy of a birth certificate or passport
  • 1" x 1" headshot photo - no hats or sunglasses

Submit paperwork by:

  • Scanning & Emailing, then mailing original wet-ink US Club form click here to download Fall Registration form​

Fees/Payment Method:

  • Credit Card (by PayPal; convenience/processing fees apply). Online payment option can be found in the team group page on
  • Check. Send paperwork & payments to: 

PSV Union FC, 555 Bryant St #437, Palo Alto, CA 94301

Reach us at


See Notes section on your team group page on Pass2me. Information on how to create an account as a PSV member on Soccerloco can be found on your group page. Here you can find a link where you can purchase uniform items, training gear, etc. Use the PSV Union Soccerloco discount code to receive a club discount for uniforms and on all individually purchased items. 

Wearing PSV gear for practices is mandatory. For games, official team uniforms (jerseys & socks) and tracksuits (for older teams) or PSV Union sweatshirts for warm-ups/cool-down. 

Before ordering, contact us to check on available jersey numbers on your team.


Click here to read more about how PSV uses 

Be sure to sign up for Pass2Me and "Friend" PSV Union Football Club. Most of our news, communications and updates including game schedules, attendance, team events and club events are sent using Pass2me (similar to a Facebook type of social network but just for soccer). PSV members receive email notifications and you can sync your Mobile phone to the system to send and receive texts. We send updates on team news (results etc), players (achievements) as well as disseminate training info and ideas for each player to work on their game. Our coaches use to evaluate players and players can also self evlaluate. 


Once you "friend" PSV Union Football Club, we invite you to all the necessary groups, such as Small Groups, or your specific Team Page, Juggling Page, Homework Page etc.  When logged in, you can access any/all friends/teammates/group pages from the top Nav Bar. You also can 'friend' other players and parents in the club. 


To confirm participation in games and certain events respond to all Event invitations by clicking on the RSVP (lower left of the events page) for each event. Also make notes in the "Comments" tab where appropriate re: schedule conflicts for that particular event. All events you are invited to can be accessed on your own profile page under the Events tab, or when you visit that specific friend, group or fan page.


Click on the links below to register for 2013 Fall season. only members of these teams can gain access. if you are already logged into Pass2me click on the following links to access the team group page. 

05G 03G01G02G , ​00G99/00G98G97G95G