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Club Rules & Other Important Information


Players leaving early or arriving late to a game or practice must notify the club manager by email or post on the appropriate team page on Pass2Me prior to the commencement of the session. It is very important that players be punctual for games and practice. Arrival times for warm ups for games are listed in each event on each team's group page on Pass2Me. Playing time may be limited if players are late or absent without acceptable reasons. Academic, health, personal and emergencies are naturallly taken into consideration however we do need a reasonable excuse for missing practices or team events. 


If a player has seen a doctor or surgeon for an injury or illness, we may require a doctors note (written or emailed to clearing the player to fully participate in all PSV Union activities, or advising of the limitations, if any, restricting full participation. We require a written email from a parent or guardian releasing their son/daughter to play and or train. The league and club require this clearance for insurance purposes and the coaches require this information to understand the health and condition of each player in all practices and games so that they are enabled to make informed decisions on playing time and intensity. It is the coaches perogative if the player is fit to participate. Please do not send a player to practice sick or feeling unwell. If a player is sick with flu/feeling ill we may contact the players guradian to pick them up and get necessary rest. Injured players are expected to attend practices and games to observe and learn unless they are receiving medical/PT treatment. 


Post a note on your team’s group page wall on Pass2Me (you can text the message to the wall, or post it through the website or the mobile site from your phone) or on the specific event page (e.g 03G winter season, or small groups etc) 

Call: (650) 332-9869 or email 

* See directions on right about how to Text us via Pass2Me.


Typically coaches arrive 15 minutes prior to the session. We encourage players to also arrive 15 mins prior to sessions however we do not suggest leaving your child alone at the field without coaches present either before or after the sessions.  Coaches are required by the club to coach and supervise their sessions during the designated practice/game times. While coaches often arrive early and leave late, we cannot guarantee a specific time of arrival or departure of the coach. Parents should not expect that coaches will always be there to supervise outside the allocated practice session. It puts the coach in a compromising situation as they arent permited leave a young player alone and unsupervised. If the team coach happens to be at the field and permits an earlier than normal drop off, this is the only time we will allow a player to arrive early. If players do arrive early they should start helping with equipment, juggling and working on thier soccer homework or warming up with a teammate until practice commences. Players are permitted to leave at the conclusion of practice, even if the coach goes over the allotted time. Sometimes a coach will remain beyond the allotted time to ensure all players are collected from the field or because they simply wish to continue their sessions. If you are in a hurry and wish your child to leave the field please come to the sideline to call or signal your son or daughter discreetly, or catch the attention of a nearby coach to pass on the message. We will then excuse your child. Please do not walk onto the desiignated field area or between training sessions to pick up your child. We will release players to parents once we see their ride has arrived. Players must wait inside the fenced area and close to the coaches until their ride arrives. They should not wait on the street or out of sight from the staff. If you will be arriving late due to last minute emergency or unpredictable occurrence notify us immediately by calling/texting 650 387 4128 or 650 799 7984 -(leave number and name)  or email or post a note on your team’s group page wall on Pass2Me (you can text the message to the wall, or post it through the website or the mobile site from your phone).


While we do not have team meetings, we do meet with every parent and player in the club at least once per season or more often if the need arises. Unfortunatley coaches cannot meet without prior notification. Please be respectful of the coaches’ time as they usually have other tasks and responsibilities in addition to coaching the session during the designated time. Do not approach a coach/staff unless in case of extreme emergency. To speak with one of the coaches pleaase request to meet at least one week prior. Once a time is established we can dedicate as much time as needed to discuss issues important to you and the club. Contact the club if you wish to schedule a meeting.


Click here if you are a coach or observer/parent wishing to observe practice


Only players and coaches are permitted on the fields. The field may still be 'live' when we end practice so please remember to let the players come off the field towards you. Please do not walk across the fields or enter the field of play or practice area unless permitted to do so. View from the designated area or other acceptable location suggested by the field marshall at each practice. Do not remain around the equipment shed or view from the school parking lot or between practice fields.  While we encourage parents to observe practice from a respectable distance we ask that you check with your child to ensure that this is a agreeable to them. While some players do not mind being observed & scrutinized by parents/friends for some players it impacts their performance. 


1. Spectators should observe practices only from the bench/tables area in between the fields. Not the turfed warm up area. 
2: Spectators must view games from the bench/tables area or opposite the team sideline unless they receive permission to view from a different vantage point. ie in the case of half field games, parents sit on the opposite end line. 
3. Viewing is not permitted from the parking lot on Mayfield South or parking on the north side of the facility in a non-designated parking area. 
4. No walking across the fields to the parking lots before/during or after games and practices. Please walk around the fields (esp.the South Field). 
5: Mayfield is not an exercise area for multiple activities while our permits are in use. Please do not engage in other activities. 
6: The warm up area is designated for permitted users only at all fimes. Only players/teams are permitted to use this designated area. 
7. Standing behind the goals during games and practices is not permitted. 
8. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited.
9. Chewing gum, sunflower seeds or shelled nuts, glass containers, skates, skateboards,  bicycles on the turf area, scooters or motorized vehicles and pets are not permitted. 
10: Use the footpath and walkways. Please do not walk across the field before or after the game. 
1. Spectators should observe practices only from the California Ave/North side of Jordan or at an area determined by the Field Marshall. 
2: Spectators must view games opposite the team sideline.
3. Viewing is not permitted from the school parking lot on Jordan South or parking on the south side of the facility or from the bleachers or blue play structure.  
4. No walking across the fields before/during or after games and practices. Please walk around the fields. 
5: Jordan is not an exercise area for multiple activities while our permits are in use. Please do not engage in other activities. 
6. Standing behind the goals during games and practices is not permitted. 
7. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited.
8: No spectators permitted on the teams' sidelines, on the bleachers, the blue play structure and from behind the goals during warm up and games.



From North California Ave. Note that there is a 'no stopping before 4 pm sign'. 


From main or side entrance. Keep traffic moving. please do not hold up traffic or park in the turnout area. 



Players must wear designated club clothing. Street gear or regular clothing or other sports gear is not permitted. Shinguards and soccer socks (not mismatched) must be worn. Soccer boots with cleats are required. During winter months players must bring flat athletic shoes (running shoes, indoor soccer shoes, or other flat soled athletic shoes) in case we cannot use the grass due to rain. Bringing warm clothing (tracksuit, sweatshirt, sweatpants, etc.) is required during winter months for before and after practice. Players should bring a bag to carry their extra equipment and should always bring a water bottle. 


Players must always bring BOTH sets of uniforms to all games. Game uniform items are reserved for games and must not be worn at practices.  For younger players, we ask that they bring soccer-specific warm-ups if they don’t have the team/club warm-ups.

Ordering Uniforms & Practice Gear:

Go to our Uniforms page (under Teams) for more information or visit the NOTES section on your team group page. 


All communications with PSV staff must be directed to  Coaches are not permitted to be 'friends' with players & families on nor are they able to receive phone messages, emails or text from parents and players. Our coaches are all members of team pages which means they get the group text and emails. If you are running late or there is an emergency, any posting on the group wall or event section will be received by the coaching staff and managers. 


We use Pass2Me to Send/Receive text messages To/From to our Pass2Me pages for all Teams, our Homework Page, Juggling Page, Small Groups, and other group pages. 

Text a message from your phone to a group pages on Pass2Me

When to Use Text to Post

Post a note on your team’s group page wall on Pass2Me about attendance, updates or other team-related questions. You may also reach out to anyone on the team (any person in the group) this way.

To post on the wall of any user or page, you can text the message from your phone to the wall (see instructions below), or post it through the website or use the Pass2Me mobile site from your phone.

  • The best way to update us is to post on the "wall" of your Team's group page on Pass2Me. Posting enables us to get notifications in a variety of ways: a Text message on our phone, an Email, and an Alert/Update when we log into our Pass2Me account online.
  • To set up the ability to Text from your phone to your group page wall, login to your Pass2Me account and go to Mobile Settings.
  • Once you are set up to Text to the Pass2Me number, you can text to the post of your team's group page.
  • To text to your group page, you'll need the "short name," which for all PSV Union teams begins with: "psv..." For example, to text to the 00B group page, you have to type in: "group psv00b: your message"


Send payments either

a) electronically, via PayPal

b) by mail to: 

PSV Union FC 

555 Bryant St, #437

Palo Alto, CA 94301

* Please mail in forms and payments. We that players not hand payments and forms to coaches as often this paperwork gets lost, misplaced or destroyed. New players and trialists may bring their forms with them if it’s the first day.