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Parent Quotes

"Victor and his three sons Simon, Gary and Ross, provided training for my daughters since they were 12 years old. Over the years they not only  helped improve my daughters' technical skills, the staff also taught them the strategy of the game. Being great players themselves, the staff always teaches by example. There is a special place in my heart for this family. They gave emotional support for my children during a very difficult time in their lives. They were generous in volunteering their time as well in training a number of Bay Area youths that later became accomplished players in their respective collegiate careers. Thank you for what you have done." May Fair - mother of WUSA & U.S. Women's National Team and former UNC NCAA Champion Lorrie Fair and Ronnie Fair, former Stanford WUSA National Team player. 

"Carine is a dedicated coach, role model, and mentor to not only our daughter, Siobhan, but to every other member of her team. When Siobhan joined the club nine years ago, she was one of the smallest girls in her age group.  Carine, petite herself and nonetheless a skilled and fierce competitor, told Siobhan that passion, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn were some of the factors that would eventually far outweigh any consideration of size. And she was so right. Early on Carine helped the girls look beyond the present to the future. That first year, she advised them that they would probably not win one game, maybe not make even one goal, because they were going to be taught a style of soccer that takes time to learn, a style that combines skill, strategy, and constant practice. While many other teams were learning to kick and run, Siobhan's team began the long journey of growing into one of the top competitive teams in the state.  For every skill they would learn, it would take the girls one to two years to perfect it. Today, it is a joy to us to see the team compete at the highest levels and be recognized for their fluid passing, pin-point control on the ball, and strategic ability to control the game. It's almost impossible to communicate the depth of bonding the girls have with Carine, and with each other thanks to Carine's emphasis on teamwork and being there for each other. As they move on to play soccer at the top-tier colleges that Carine helped them win acceptances to, they carry with them the confidence to play well at the highest levels of soccer. We can't wait to see where the journey, begun so long ago at PSV Union, takes them" Becky Cox. Mother of Siobhan Cox. Stanford Womens Soccer 2013

"Carine has been our daughter Ashley's coach for 8 years. Carine is such an outstanding role model on and off the field and we are amazed by her passion, dedication and great organizational skills.  Ashley is so lucky to have Carine as a coach and mentor as she continues to grow as both a player and person.  Ashley joined the team when she was ten as a recreational player,  now she is a competitive athlete trying to improve her skills each day.  I know Ashley will go to college with confidence, mental strength and a good attitude. Carine cares so thoroughly about Ashley, sometimes in more detail than we as parents, and she has the capability to bring out the best in a player.  The passion, determination, and pushing oneself through hardship that Carine instilled in Ashley enables her to play in one of the top girls teams in the state.  Carine is truly an amazing coach and a great mentor. We strongly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to become both a high-level player and mature, confident young adult"

George & Hui Zhao. Parents of Ashley Zhao. UCSD Womens Soccer 2013. 


"We came to PSV Union for the unparalleled soccer training but quickly learned that the Club offers much more.  Gary and Carine Ireland and the other Club coaches are the ultimate inspiration for the players.  The coaches are always fully participating in exercises and scrimmages, demonstrating techniques and providing detailed feedback.  They have exceptional high standards, and hold themselves and the players accountable on and off of the field.  The Ireland's sincere interest in every player's individual development, health, academics and college aspirations makes the Club feel like family.  Our oldest daughter, Sophia, started with Union at the age of 13.  After playing with one of the most successful teams in the country for almost 6 years, Sophia worked out with the Irelands and after one training session immediately realized that their players possessed special skills.  In less than one year with the Club, the PSV coaches transformed her game and commitment to training.  The training provided at PSV is targeted to each player’s strengths and weaknesses – it’s not one size fits all. Lastly, we can’t say enough about Carine and the balance she provides for the coaching staff.  As parent of 4 kids training with the Club, Carine is a wonderful role model  – both as a player and person.  Carine works tirelessly for the players and challenges every player to improve their game and focus - but she is also very compassionate and will help players in any way she can, including taking a parent-like interest in injuries and helping players rehab. Club soccer is an intense commitment where children spend a great deal of time with their coaches – we feel there is no one we would trust more than the Irelands and the other PSV Union coaches".  Cisco and Gwen Villalta 


"Carine mentored the girls, played on the field with them, built up their confidence and speed of play.    Carine brought in the available expertise over time…when the girls were physically and emotionally ready.   Soon they were all out there playing together, Carine, Gary and frequent  guest national and international players.    Carine was/is a great coach to my daughter.  She understands how to engage the girls in the process of becoming a player in every way.  Not just on the field/games,  but also in fostering independent play/training,  creating fans of the professional sport (EPL etc.),  and linking soccer success to academic success with college goals in mind. Through Carine’s contacts we have had a steady flow of interest from colleges throughout the country.   My daughter is only a sophomore, but we are very confident that through Carine’s help she will have many college options going forward. And through Carine’s influence it is clear that my daughter will remain engaged in the sport in college and beyond;  not for the potential scholarships and awards, but simply because Carine has taught her to love the game". Jim Kingman. Parent of PSV Union 94G player Annie Kingman. USA U15 National team invitee. USSF. National Training Centers. UNC Womens Soccer 2014. 2013 CCS High School Player of the Year. 


"Our daughter Dana has been playing soccer from a very early age. Throughout her soccer career she has played for several teams and has trained with a variety of coaches. A few years ago Dana became more involved with soccer and we wanted to ensure she trained in the very best environment. We evaluated a few options and selected PSV Union, managed by Carine and Gary Ireland. Looking back, we could not have hoped for anyone better than Carine to be such an important part of Dana’s life. Carine contributes to and influences Dana far beyond soccer. Carine coaches with great passion, dedication, discipline and inspiration and was able to motivate Dana like no other coach and to instill her passion for soccer. Carine is a role model and inspires Dana to work hard and to do the very best she can not only on the soccer field but with everything else she does as well. Carine taught Dana various aspects of soccer and played a significant role in bringing Dana to the next level of play and to open her college opportunities. Carine has high expectations and is an amazing coach for players that would like to take the challenge and are willing to work hard to improve. We are grateful for everything Carine has given Dana and we have no doubt any player, no matter his or her level will greatly benefit from the valuable qualities that Carine possesses as a coach and mentor." Yolanda and Gadi Schwartz, February 2012. Parents of Dana Scwartz. USC Womens Soccer. 

"My daughter Sydney joined PSV Union six years ago, after having played two years with the MVLA Soccer Club. Since kicking her first ball, Sydney has had a passion for soccer. She enjoyed CYSA, but wanted to learn foot skills and be more competitive on the field; she wanted to train under professionals who not only understood the game, but were willing and capable of sharing their skills. She spent time looking, but one session with Carine and Gary Ireland and she had found a home.The beginning was tough. Even after having spent hours training at the CYSA level and playing as many games in a season as she could, her development and stamina were far off PSV's baseline expectations. She would have to get used to longer and more frequent sessions to keep pace with her PSV peers. But, with the guidance of Carine and Gary Ireland, Sydney really did find a home and quickly elevated her skills, while at the same time her love for and understanding of soccer. Many coaches, even pro coaches, are willing to give their full attention to a team or an individual player within the confines of the scheduled (and paid for) session. And so too is the case at PSV. However, the PSV staff go well beyond their scheduled sessions and remain willing any day of the week to stay with the player or the team for as long as it takes to complete the drill or master the move. It's not uncommon for Carine or Gary to announce additional (and many times unpaid and unscheduled) sessions available to all PSV girls who wish to participate. This could be for skills, for exercise, for game strategy—for example, to watch and critique and older team's match—or for the shear fun of playing 4v4 or 6v6 with professional and ex-professional players (the PSV staff have seemingly unlimited access to professional players and trainers from around the world who absolutely love to join in with the PSV staff).  Although it took several years of dedicated effort and hard work, Sydney finally mastered enough of the PSV method to elevate her abilities to the Collegiate, Division 1 level; Sydney received several offers from college coaches in only her junior year in high school. Finally deciding on UC Santa Barbara, Sydney can't wait to become a Gaucho (and, will no doubt be in tears the day she has to say good-bye to Carine and Gary and her team mates at PSV)" Alan Carr, April 2013.

"the staff has supported my daughter in many ways. The most important is reinforcing the respect, values and work ethic that we as parents try to instill in our children. The technical skill taught in training have molded her into the player she is. The respect, values and work ethic are what will mold her life. Lastly: Your reputation created the opportunity for my daughter to attend Colorado College on scholarship...For all these gifts I am eternally grateful."  Mark Ginanni - father of Christie Ginanni. former Colorado College, NCAA Div. 1.

"My son has been to Europe and England with the Irelands' for the past three years ! The experiences have been invaluable. World Soccer's ability to work with young men and motivate them on the field is excellent. Also, the technical training at World Soccer is simply the best...every player should find the time to work with these guys."Vivian Mackintosh  - mother of Clark Mackintosh. former California North State player and college player 

"We now encourage all of our teams to include a week of World Soccer (Gary Ireland camps) as part of their preparation for fall season." Dan Lewis - Founder and Former President of Stanford Soccer Club