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College Player Quotes

What College Players Say

 "You've made the game fun and pushed us to where we are now. As a result of working with (the staff)  I was nominated as an Umbro and parade all American and chosen for both the USA National youth team (U20 & U16) and received a full scholarship to for and attend the University of Portland. I was also named to the 1996 Soccer America all freshman team and the final four all tournament team." Regina Holan - former Sparta Prague, U.S. U-20 Women's National Team. Former NCAA Div. 1 player at University of Portland and U.C. Berkeley. & former PSV Union coach

"Thanks to Gary I have come to realize that soccer is not just a game of passing and dribbling but a pursuit requiring intelligence and mental toughness". Brooke O'Hanley. former WUSA player with Carolina, Champions 2002. Former NCAA Div. 1 player at University of Portland. Member of 3-time National Champions Central Valley Mercury. 
"The skills I have learned through Gary Ireland have enabled me to play at a higher level." Kelly Sweitzer - Northern California State Team U/14-17.  NCAA Div. 1 Colorado College. 
"Gary, Carine and Simon- taught me the skills and knowledge that enabled me to play at the level I am at now. They helped me earn a Division 1 scholarship to Colorado College and helped me in the recruiting process. The staff is very respected and well known by a majority of college coaches. Since I have been working with (the stafff), my skills and confidence have improved greatly. In the seven years I've known the coaches they have always been role models and friends for me."Christie Ginanni.  NCAA Div. 1 Colorado College. 

"I was a U.S. Regional Player and I  trained with the staff for 3 years. Training with World Soccer  (reland camps) improved my skills, endurance and understanding of the game, which helped me succeed in making both the State Team and the Regional Pool." Lisa Ferrera - fromer NorCal U-16 & 18 State & Regional teams, Golden Gate Premier U-19 club team.
"I have been training with the staff continuously for over 4 years, and I attribute much of my passion for the game, skills, and strategic development to their professionalism, enthusiasm, and unique coaching techniques. They are truly a remarkable group. They helped me get to the top" Kelsey Hollenbeck - 2 times NCAA Champion with University of Portland

"I learn more every time I train with the staff.  I have been training with them for over 6 years. The technical and tactical knowledge is #1. Their team tours to Europe are also the greatest experience playing against top European Pro Club teams !" Matt Nolanformer Williams College. Former Captain of Palo Alto H.S. and World Soccer Elite Euro Tour team Captain in 2000 & 2001.

"Gary , Simon, Victor, Carine (Ireland), Peter Horvath and Regina Holan have taught me that not only do the soccer skills and strategies take you to the top, but the passion of the game and attitude of the player. Over the past 4 years they have helped me developed nto the player i am today and continue to provide guidance and instruction for the player i want to become. They have provided me with an environment where they have encouraged me to play with older and better players, and have introduced me to players on the US and Greek National team, as well as many collegiate players. They are always willing to come out and train every day and through their teachings i have had so much success. They are also in the process of helping my family and I with my college recruiting and are striving to help me get into the best college that will continue to help me improve." Veronica Perez. Current PSV Union Staff coach and current Mexico Womens National Team player. State and Regional team player 2002-2004. National Pool player. 2003, 2004. Former USA U23 National team University of Washington Huskies. 

"When I look back on my overall development as a player, I immediately think of my training days with the Irelands' (Union). From learning tactical fundamentals to playing pick up games until dark, the Irelands' provided an environment for dedicated players to improve. But the most important thing I learned from them was not how to defend, or how to make a run, or even how to strike a ball. It was that I learned how to actively expand my game. The Irelands' appreciate hard work and skill, but they always challenge you: Can you do better? Can you push yourself mentally, physically, and creatively? Can you practice and apply what you have learned? And of course, I always had fun training with them, because I love soccer... and so do they!" Melissa Woo - former PSV Union player and Northern California State Team and NCAA Div. 1 player at Cal Poly