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PSV Union FC Coupon Card

PSV Union Coupon Card

What's the PSV Union FC Coupon Card?

We realize that it can often cost a considerable amount of money to participate in high level youth sports programs each year. That’s why we developed the PSV Union FC Coupon Card program, a unique, fun and effective way for parents and players to alleviate the expenses of participating on a competitive soccer team. Over the past few months the PSV Union staff has invested considerable time, money and effort developing artwork, securing merchants and producing our very own fundraising card for our local neighborhood.

The Coupon Card gives cardholders access to discounts at a variety of popular and reputable local merchants in Palo Alto: (e.g previously): Coupa Cafe, Pasta Q, Hobees, Yoppi Yogurt, Mantra, SliderBar Cafe, New York Pizza, Baklava, Peninsula Creamery, and Palo Alto Sport Shop & Toy World. All merchants are in downtown Palo Alto and Town & Country Village in Palo Alto.The credit card sized cards fit conveniently in your wallet. Discounts at the listed merchants are valid through the end of the year and can be used an unlimited amount of timesHow does this program work for Merchants?

Our merchants offer attractive discounts (indicated on the card) to anyone presenting a valid card, through specified date ( valid for 1 year). There is no cost for the merchant to participate. This is an excellent way for merchants to support their local soccer club and simultaneously promote their business to over 150 PSV Union FC soccer families in their neighborhood as well as thousands of potential customers who purchase the cards. Additionally, more money stays in the community when local small businesses are patronized. Discounts at the listed merchants can be used an unlimited amount of times, which encourages repeat customers.

What Do Players/Families Have To Do?

Players may pre-purchase cards online, or directly from the club by paying for the sale value ($20) of each card. We suggest that you start out with 5 or 10 cards if you are unsure of how many you can sell at once. For those who cannot or choose not to pay up front for cards, we will issue you a informational card that you may present when selling the discount card. You collect the payment and submit to us, and we issue you the card. Essentially, there is no cost & no risk to participate in this program. You can only earn money and benefit!

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How does the program benefit Players & Families?

The coupon cards are sold at $20 per card. Players receive $15 credit (75%) of all funds raised, with PSV Union receiving the remaining $5 per card (25%). Funds raised by players and families will be credited directly to the individual player’s ‘account’, which will then be applied to their participatory costs, such as PSV Union regular/seasonal fees: league, team, registration, coaching, club/admin, referees, tournaments (paid by the club; not individual/travel expenses), PSV Union camps/clinics and tours. Funds raised for PSV Union will go towards club expenses: admin fees, equipment, scholarships, etc.

1 Card 5 Cards 20 Cards 50 Cards 100 Cards
Price $20 $100 $400 $1,000 $2,000
You Earn $15 $75 $300 $750 $1,500

How Players can sell cards & earn credits

PSV Union will designate "merchant sale days" - weekend dates during the Fall season - when we will set up a table (with permission from the merchant and the city) outside our various merchants' businesses to sell cards (think Girl Scout cookies outside Safeway, but for each of the individual merchants on our card). Players will be accompanied and supervised by a designated PSV Union staff member. Whatever cards players sell that day will be recorded and credited to their account.

Additionally, if players want to sell cards on non- "merchant sale days", they may use our info card [download here] and present it to potential customers, such as friends, family and neighbors. After collecting the money, players then give the money to PSV Union in exchange for the cards (which they will then give to customers).