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PSV Players Showcase Rules & Regulations


Teams must register at the MANDATORY REGISTRATION. Mandatory Registration will be held on Saturday, April 23, the first day of play. Teams will need to check in at the Showcase Tent one hour before their respective first game. The tent will be located at Jordan Middle School in Palo Alto. Failure to register will result in automatic disqualification from the Showcase without refund of fee. Games not played will be classified as “Forfeits and Byes.”


At the Mandatory Registration, teams must provide the required credentials. All players must have a current player pass with photograph or equivalent national association and signed medical release forms. All teams that are not US Club Soccer members will need to submit travel papers to their local State Association and proof of Insurance. Members of US Club Soccer do not have to obtain travel papers.


Teams may register a maximum number of 26 players allowed by US Club Soccer. 


If your are inviting guest players for the PSV Players Showcase, please follow the instructions below and bring all paperwork to the Showcase Tent when you check your team in.
Player Loan Form (#R007)
Use this form to loan a player for a specific competition from one US Club Soccer member to the other. A copy of the completed loan form should be taken by the coach or manager to the competition. The player shall use the player pass issued to his primary club. The completed loan form MUST be submitted to US Club Soccer admin office via e-mail ( or mail to: US Club Soccer, Player Loan, 716 8th Ave. N, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577



All games will have 2 halves of 35 minutes each, with a halftime of not more than 10 minutes.


Teams are to check in with referees 20 minutes prior to kick off to allow game officials to check players’ equipment to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment including the wearing of hard braces (this will be left to the discretion of the Center Referee); and to determine which team kicks off.


Unlimited substitutions are allowed. Substitutions will be allowed, with referee approval in the following situations:

  • Prior to a throw in.
  • Prior to a goal kick
    by either team.
  • Prior to the restart
    of the game following a goal being scored by either team.
  • Prior to the restart
    of the game for the second half.
  • Prior to the restart of the game following an injury.



Any player, coach, assistant coach or registered team official who is shown a red card will be automatically suspended for the remainder of that game and will not be allowed to play/coach in the next game. Additional penalties may be imposed for violent conduct. A player, coach or registered official must leave the field, and may not sit on the bench and must be out of sight and sound of the field. The coach must not be involved in unacceptable conduct (defined as coaching his/her players by any means or method, or harassment of opponents/players/referees/staff). Failure to adhere to this rule will result an immediate ejection from the tournament for the coach. Cards will be taken by the referee and turned over to the Showcase Committee/headquarters where they will be held and returned after the suspension has been served. Additionally, US Club Soccer will be contacted as appropriate.

NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES WILL BE PERMITTED ON OR NEAR THE FIELDS AND FACILITIES. There will be no smoking allowed at the soccer complexes. No animals are allowed at the showcase sites.



The PSV Players Showcase reserves the right to alter the format to enhance the competition and improve the overall quality of the tournament. Divisions will be as follows:

  • Gold & Red Divisions
    consisting of five (5) teams each.
  • All teams will be
    guaranteed four (4) games.
  • No team shall play
    more than two (2) games on the same day.



If a team is unable to field a team five (5) minutes after the start of the game, it will be considered a forfeit.

  • A team will be allowed
    to play with a minimum of seven (7) players.
  • The game score will be
    recorded as a 1-0 win in favor of the team that was present at game
  • No points will be
    awarded if neither team shows up.



All matches shall use USSF certified referees. The 3 referee system will be used.

The decision by referees may not be appealed, and the decisions by the Showcase Manager are final and may not be appealed. The center referee will submit the game card that includes the match result, cautions, and ejections to the Showcase Manager.



Teams will be awarded points on the following basis:

- Three (3) points for each Win

- One (1) point for each Tie

- Zero (0) points for each Loss

In the event of a points tie, places
will be determined as follows:

  • Head to head.
  • Goal differential (maximum of 5 goal difference per game).
  • Least goals allowed.
  • Most goals scored (maximum of 5 goals per game).
  • Most shutouts.



The Home Team will be the team which appears first on the game schedule. The game ball will be supplied the Showcase. The Home Team will be required to switch to alternate jerseys to accommodate a color conflict as declared by the referee.



There will be no refunds for teams withdrawing after they have been accepted into the PSV Players Showcase.



All coaches will be responsible for the conduct of their players, staff, parents, friends, and any affiliated spectator at all times. No coach, substitute, or spectator is to make derogatory remarks or gestures to the referees, other coaches, players, substitutes, or spectators. Additionally, no coach, player, substitute, or spectator is allowed to use profanity or incites, in any manner, disruptive behavior. If in the opinion of the referee it is deemed a game should be terminated due to the misconduct of any person, or persons, the offending team will be suspended, forfeit the game and any remaining games.



Any injuries must be reported to the Showcase Manager so an injury report can be completed.