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The unique Player Evaluator can be used for players of all ages and levels and by coaches of all levels including college and professional. Evaluations can be provided for free by the evaluator (club coach; DOC; club; private trainer etc.) or at a pre-determined fee paid by the player requiring the evaluation, negotiated prior to purchasing the service. These can then be viewed for free by Verified College Officials. Players can then enable their evaluation to be viewed privately by members of their private Player Page or by the public. Evaluations can be requested at any time


​Follow these simple steps once you have received the go ahead to receive an evaluation from PSV Union Director of Coaching. Send an email to indicating your interest in receiving an evaluation. 

  1. Go to your Pass2me page
  2. Click on 'Evaluation
  3. Choose 'Request Eval' OR 'Start Self Eval' 
  4. Enter 'psvunion' as the USERNAME
  5. Enter email
  6. Submit Request


Q: How can I find the USERNAME? 

A: usernames can be found on the url, the members homepage (under the avatar) or in the search database. PSV Union's username is ''psvunion'

Q: How long does it take to receive an evaluation? 

A: This depends on the player and the agreement with the club and player. With written & numerical evaluations this takes several weeks. You should not expect this evaluation until up to 1 month from the initial request. 

Q: Who can be evaluated?

A: PSV Union provides evaluations for all PSV Union players. Numerical evaluations are done for all players. 

Q: How much does a PSV evaluation cost? 

A: There is no charge by PSV Union for an evaluation.The evaluator, in this case PSV Union, determines the price. 

Q: Who evaluates the players?

A: For PSV evlaluations its a collaborative effort between the PSV Union coaching directors with the assistance from the coaching staff. 

Q: Can i get an evaluation from one of the individual staff? 

A: No. PSV Union only provides a club evaluation. 

Soccerbook: Professional Consulting: Evaluations, scouting coaching and placement for professional, college & elite youth players.


"Pass2Me Player Evaluator is ground-breaking. I recommend it to you unreservedly." John Owens Technical Auditor of English Premier League Academies.  Former head coach at Liverpool Football Club & England U16 Boys.

"Previously we used email and attachments to send evaluations to each other, college coaches, parents and players. Pass2me player evaluator enables us to save valuable time and energy and more efficiently share our standardized evaluations. We want all of our players to receive seasonal evaluations so they can track their career progress and 'Soccer GPA'.  Its a tremendously useful feature for coaches, players and parents". Gary Ireland. PSV Union Director


PLAYERS build your player GPA/college resume. evaluations. are viewed by college coaches. add evaluations to your video, college events & documents on your player page. 

PARENTS track your child's progress. obtain evaluations  from club coaches & private trainers. add evaluations to your video, college events & documents on your player page.

LEAGUE & CLUBS use evaluations for tryouts or rank, evaluate or assign players

YOUTH CLUB COACHES provide paid/free evaluations for players. share with parents/college

COLLEGE COACHES use evaluations to recruit players. view evaluations from club coaches

PRIVATE COACHES & CAMPS offer evaluations to players & parents & earn extra income

PASS2ME.COM IS UNIQUE! is a world first privacy protected delivery platform/vehicle which socializes user-generated content enabling members to upload and archive all forms of video and documents, obtain evaluations, create events on a social calendar while providing the most advanced 2-way college search database in existence, saving the player, parents, club coaches and college coaches considerable time and money.  Its has 140 features designed to bring your soccer world together on one platform. is cloud based privacy protected network removing the need to print documents or leave the platform when sharing and delivering information, making the site the most convenient way to send & receive information & optimize your college recruiting experience

"Pass2Me Player Evaluator is ground-breaking"

John Owens Technical Auditor of English Premier League Academy system in England & Wales, former Academy Manager & Youth Coach at Liverpool Football Club (1992-2011), Coach of England U/16 National Team (19951997)


"The Pass2Me Player Evaluator is an excellent tool which will help players, parents, club coaches, college coaches to understand and assess talent. For a long time, professional clubs in Europe have sought a more objective, comprehensive method of assessing talent – current and potential. Until now, such assessments have relied on two main components. These are the objective data from physical testing and, more predominantly, the subjective opinion of coaches and recruitment staff regarding the main characteristics that we hope to see in a potential star player. It is often remarked that such assessment “is not a science“. It may be true that we cannot predict with 100% assurance how a talent will develop. However, the Pass2Me Player Evaluator recognises this by providing numerical scores covering 80+qualities plus a number of written assessments of Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological factors. The written comments allow the evaluator to describe and emphasise any special qualities for each individual player. With the selection of a trusted evaluator who is experienced in the game at a high level, the Pass2Me Player Evaluator provides a truly comprehensive assessment with its time-saving, user-friendly computer program. 


  • Players It offers an important personal analysis for players to use as the basis of a motivational action plan for their future practice and development.
  • Parents  It allows parents to track their child’s progress based on an honest, professional, easy-to-understand report.
  • Coaches It will assist coaches in assessing their own players and any possible future recruits. Also, it will form part of the individual, professional development for coaches by developing their own understanding and ability in evaluating the progress of their players and the success of their coaching programme

ABOUT PASS2ME.COM EVALUATIONS player evaluations are highly comprehensive,multi-faceted player analyses with 80 numerical rating & written assessment areas ranked 1-5 (plus 22 specifically for goalkeepers) as well as aggregated scores for each of the 4  player evaluation categories:Technical, Physical, Tactical, Psychological. Each time the evaluator enters a score the built-in calculator totals the real time score. An aggregated total score appears on the evaluation form, giving the player a soccer GPA-type score. Scores can vary over the timeframe of a players career which is why we have also enabled evaluators to provide written feedback and provide feedback on future potential, training and general comments. has created the first electronically generated 'Player Evaluator' created by professional coaches for professionals with over 30 years of international professional coaching experience. changes the way players are evaluated & identified & brings a new level of professionalism to the way coaches & evaluate talent. has made the evaluation process available for every coach, player & parent to access, enabling professional coaches to provide independent evaluations not only by PDP, ODP, id2, US Soccer Federation but also by former professional & collegiate players & private coaches with wealth of experiential knowledge & high level reputations who may not be part of the official identification & selection process. Evaluating players can be a time consuming process so we have included a payment option for coaches who wish to charge for their services. Clubs and leagues can also use this for fundraising by receiving an affiliate code from and receive a special discount. Players can obtain as many evaluations as they wish over their career. 


The evaluations are 'parked' on the platform, a privacy protected delivery vehicle which socializes your soccer profile (video, evaluations, events calendar) saving the player, parents, club coaches and college coaches time and money. You will need to be a member of to access the player evaluations. Once you have logged in to you can access the player evaluator. 


  • Evaluators receive an automated request on their account requesting the evaluation. All forms are built into cloud based privacy protected network so there is no need to print documents or leave the platform making the site the most convenient way to send & receive information & optimize your college recruiting experience.
  • Evaluations can be provided at free by the evaluator or at a pre-determined fee paid by the player requiring the evaluation, which can be negotiated upon the player purchasing the form. 
  • Submitted forms can be viewed for free by Verified College Officials and by the Player (if the evaluator chooses). Players can then enable their evaluation to be viewed privately by members of their Player Group or by the public. 
  • Evaluations can be completed immediately or, for example, at the end of a season or camp. The evaluator determines this with the player. Evaluations can be edited until submitted.