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PLAYERS build your player GPA/college resume. obtain coaching evaluations  viewable by college coaches. add playing and training video, create events and invite club coaches, select coaches college coaches, friends and family to attend. upload references, academic transcripts, articles. access the best college search engine and gain direct access to college coaches. make yourself searchable on 'player tracker' viewable by college coaches

PARENTS track your child's progress and view evaluations from club coaches and trainers. for players under the age of 13 start building their profile by adding evaluations to your video, college events & documents. you will have access to the college search database and enable college coaches to scout your child. 


"In the past we used email attachments to send evaluations documents and video of players to college coaches and provide written evaluations for parents of younger players. It was a very time consuming process. Premium Membership now enables us to save valuable time and energy allowing us to more efficiently share our evaluations, video and showcase/track our players. We can also introduce players to colleges and our players can search the college search for all their college needs. We also intend to provide our younger players seasonal evaluations so parents can track their career progress.  Its a tremendously useful site for coaches, managers, players and parents". Gary Ireland. PSV Union Director

PASS2ME.COM IS UNIQUE! is a world first privacy protected delivery platform/vehicle which socializes user-generated content enabling members to upload and archive all forms of video and documents, obtain evaluations, create events on a social calendar while providing the most advanced 2-way college search database in existence, saving the player, parents, club coaches and college coaches considerable time and money.  Its has 140 features designed to bring your soccer world together on one platform. is cloud based privacy protected network removing the need to print documents or leave the platform when sharing and delivering information, making the site the most convenient way to send & receive information & optimize your college recruiting experience


The unique Player Evaluator can be used for players of all ages and levels and by coaches of all levels including college and professional. Evaluations can be provided for free by the evaluator (club coach; DOC; club; private trainer etc.) or at a pre-determined fee paid by the player requiring the evaluation, negotiated prior to purchasing the service. These can then be viewed for free by Verified College Officials and by the Player (if the evaluator chooses). Players can then enable their evaluation to be viewed privately by members of their Player Group page or by the public. Evaluations can be requested at any time

"Pass2Me Player Evaluator is ground-breaking. I recommend it to you unreservedly" John Owens Technical Auditor of English Premier League Academies.  Former head coach at Liverpool Football Club & England U16 Boys.