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We do almost all communications on and have a club page for PSV and various team and group pages on the system.  P2M is a Soccer-type Facebook platform to help build community, share content and build the PSV brand on and off the field.The system generates automatic email and text notifications (if you choose) based on what we post/update, and if you log in regularly, it's a good place to find out more about the club. Once we accept you as a member of our pages or your friend request, you will get all team news & updates.

With most of our players on track for some form of college play, Pass2me allows us to track players college search and allows players to create a college profile we can share with college coaches and in some cases international scouts. 

Our personal PSV account is moderated centrally and monitored by PSV Union FC club GM and DOC. Coaches and parents are the only members of specific groups are permitted to view these private groups while the public master account is open for the general public to view. Club members profiles are not viewable to the general public and some of the PSV groups (e.g other team group pages) are not viewable to other club members. However is players wish to open their privacy settings they may do so. 

Although we maintain a content rich website it doesnt provide enough for our club, coach and player communications needs so most of our news, communications and updates including game schedules, results, video, attendance, team events, player news, and club events are shared on P2M for free. Members receive email notifications and can sync their mobile phone (go to 'settings' on your Pass2me account and enter your mobile #) to the system to send & receive texts as well as share training tips & player homework Our coaches use to evaluate players and send and check homework and players can also self evaluate. 

An invitation to join PSV Union on Pass2me will be sent to each member. Once you accept the friend request you will be invited to all the necessary groups:  

When logged in, you can access any/all friends/teammates/group pages from the P2M search engine. You also can 'friend' other players and parents in the club. Pass2me account holders can opt to open their privacy settings to public viewing if they choose. 

To confirm participation in games and certain events respond to all Event invitations by clicking on the RSVP (lower left of the events page) for each event. Also make notes in the "Comments" tab where appropriate re: schedule conflicts for that particular event. All events you are invited to can be accessed on your own profile page under the Events tab, or when you visit that specific friend, group or fan page.


a) Start a Pass2Me account/profile:
Select the Parent/Player user type. We ask all players to have a Player Profile so you can fill it out with important Player and Academic information, post your training, videos, etc. and so we can track your progress (for college/recruiting as well). 

1: Start a free account on

note: upon activating your account players and parents are searchable on the Pass2me Player database. Once your account is activated PSV will request to join your page-Players can invite whomever they wish to view their page- PSV Union FC page members are not viewable to one another. Only the account owner (player or parent) has edit capabilities of their own account. They can opt to close their player page details to college coaches. Only members of the players Player Page can view details and follow this player. Parents, club coaches typically belong to the players Player Page.

There are a couple options for deciding if you want 1 or more profiles (for parent(s) and player):
- Parents can select 'Parent' user type and have a separate account from their child, who will have a 'Player' user type designation. * All players 13 and older do this, so they manage their own account & communications, and their parents can also communicate separately and see the schedule, etc.
- If players are under 13, parents can still elect to the do the above, but they would simply 'manage' both their own and their child's account until the child turns 13 and you can change the account settings to your child's birthdate. Parents who manage their child's account would select the 'Player' user type, and name the Player Profile under their child's name, while their actual account name/settings would be under their own info (parent name, email, birthdate). 

b) Adding/Communicating with Friends: 
Everyone on P2M has a profile page; these 'pages/accounts' can be "Friends" with each other, e.g. you are Friends with PSV Union FC and other people on the team, etc. You can visit anyone's page anytime and click on the Message button to send them a private message. However, for anyone who is your "Friend", you don't have to visit their page to send a Message. Just go to the Messages icon at top of your page, and in the dropdown menu, you can Compose New Message and type in their name and then it will autocomplete as you type and you can select that user, e.g. PSV Union FC Academy. You can add multiple users in the "To:" line; if they are your Friends, their name will autofill in the Message. If you aren't Friends, you will have to visit their page to start a new Message to them. 

b) Team/Group Page: 
Your accounts can also be Members of Groups (and Fan Pages). You will be a member of the team 'group page' for your own team. The Group Page is also where we post team-related updates (if you sync your mobile phone # to your P2M account (under Account Settings), then you can get text alerts anytime we (PSV Union account or PSV Union 99/00 group) post on the page 'wall'. 

c) Invitation Pages (for events)
Once you are a member of the PSV Union 04/05 Group Page, you can now view that Group's "Invitation Pages", which are created/managed by that group and for the group members by invite only. The Invitation Page is where you RSVP for an Event (e.g. Spring Season 2017, or Spring Small Groups 2017, or a specific game e.g. "PSV Union vs SSC, 9/10/15", or a specific tournament e.g. "Surf Cup, 7/30-8/1", etc., etc.). This is where you post your conflicts/absences/if you'll be late/leave early, etc. in the "Comments" section of this page). We (PSV) will also post quick event updates sometimes in the Comments section of an Invitation page as well. 

d) How to Communicate -- Messaging and Posting: 
Anything on the Team/Group page and Invitation pages can be viewed by the group (team members) and the invitees (team members), respectively. However, if you post on the Invitation page, under Comments, only we (group admin, i.e. PSV) get a notification; however everyone can see it. For general absences/schedule conflicts, post under Comments. If you want to explain a private/personal reason for missing practice/games, send us a Message on Pass2Me ("compose new message" under the Messages icon at the top of your page, then type in PSV Union FC Academy - it will autocomplete as you type as long as you are Friends with us). Your message can explain the reason; please follow it with a post on the Comments wall anyway, but you can make your post more generic, e.g. if it's a funeral but you don't want to state that in comments, your post would say "[Jane] will miss 3/28 practice due to a family commitment" or something like that. 

We ask for all conflicts or possible conflicts to be posted ASAP and as far in advance as possible, so we have a headcount and can schedule games and plan accordingly. We ask everyone to post your schedule conflicts on the Invitation/event page for each season/event, under the Comments section, as that makes it easy for us to view conflicts in one place rather than search multiple messages/emails. In general, players miss very few practices and games, and only for certain reasons: academic, personal/family emergency, health/injury, etc. Injured players come to watch practice and learn if they do not need to be at home resting or doing PT.


PLAYERS build your player GPA/college resume. obtain coaching evaluations  viewable by college coaches. add playing and training video, create events and invite club coaches, select coaches college coaches, friends and family to attend. upload references, academic transcripts, articles. access the best college search engine and gain direct access to college coaches. make yourself searchable on 'player tracker' viewable by college coaches

PARENTS track your child's progress and view evaluations from club coaches and trainers. for players under the age of 13 start building their profile by adding evaluations to your video, college events & documents. you will have access to the college search database and enable college coaches to scout your child. 



All PSV Union players receive a free account on Pass2me. Players under the age of 13 have Player Pages managed/owned by their parents. 

PSV Union players use Pass2me accounts in the following ways:  

  • share player activity (training, games, results, ID camps)
  • college recruiting activity-free upload to player search database
  • share training & playing video & photos 
  • share docs. with club & college coaches (academic transcripts)
  • share game schedule & results 
  • share players league & tournament calendar with club coaches, DOC & college coaches
  • birthdate & graduation year
  • club & team name
  • GPA (optional), SAT & other academic achievements 
  • playing position
  • favorite player
  • favorite team
  • juggling score 
  • receive/share homework with club coach, parents, colleges

PASS2ME.COM IS UNIQUE! is a world first privacy protected delivery platform/vehicle which socializes user-generated content enabling members to upload and archive all forms of video and documents, obtain evaluations, create events on a social calendar while providing the most advanced 2-way college search database in existence, saving the player, parents, club coaches and college coaches considerable time and money.  Its has 140 features designed to bring your soccer world together on one platform. is cloud based privacy protected network removing the need to print documents or leave the platform when sharing and delivering information, making the site the most convenient way to send & receive information & optimize your college recruiting experience


You should also request to be a member these Groups which are "managed" by the PSV Union FC account. 


The unique Player Evaluator can be used for players of all ages and levels and by coaches of all levels including college and professional. Evaluations can be provided for free by the evaluator (club coach; DOC; club; private trainer etc.). These can then be viewed for free by Verified College Officials and by the Player (if the evaluator chooses) or allow their evaluation to be viewed privately by members of their Player Group page or by the public. Evaluations can be requested at any time. Players can also self evaluate if they choose to do so. PSV Union requires all players to self evaluate at regular intervals through the year.  

"In the past we used email attachments to send evaluations documents and video of players to college coaches and provide written evaluations for parents of younger players. It was a very time consuming process. Premium Membership now enables us to save valuable time and energy allowing us to more efficiently share our evaluations, video and showcase/track our players. We can also introduce players to colleges and our players can search the college search for all their college needs. We also intend to provide our younger players seasonal evaluations so parents can track their career progress.  Its a tremendously useful site for coaches, managers, players and parents"Gary Ireland. PSV Union Director

"Pass2Me Player Evaluator is ground-breaking. I recommend it to you unreservedly" John Owens Technical Auditor of English Premier League Academies & MLS/US Soccer Academies for Doublepass and former head coach and Academy Manager at Liverpool Football Club & England U16 Boys

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