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PSV Union FC 02/03 (NorCal NPL)


See the tryout page for more information.
Contact 650-332-9869 or


Birthdates 01/01/2002 & younger


Read more about Tryouts here. When attending tryouts or guest training be sure to wear soccer appropriate gear and clothing and bring warmups (as it gets cool esp later) and water and a bag. The following form must be completed and emailed back to us prior to tryout. Click here


  • Practices are 3x p/w + 1x p/w optional technical training + games. 
  • Every player on the team trains on their own
  • This is year-round (fall, winter, spring) + optional summer training/clinics June & July, which all the players participate in (everyone joins in to a different degree depending on summer vacations/commitments/schedule etc.
  • Players return at the end of July for team camp, then the fall preseason in August


PSV Union is an all-girls soccer club with a focus on long term development in all aspects of the game (technical, tactical, psychosocial, physical), starting with teaching and developing a strong technical base and fundamental understanding of the game, and encouraging homework and practicing outside of team trainings. We expect every PSV player to play some form of college or beyond. 
We look for the following type of players: 
* self-motivated
* love the game
* want to learn and improve
* good students with a desire to learn
* determination
* great attitude
* strong work ethic


When trying out for the team please provide some information for us:

- What are you looking for in a program?
- Do you practice on your own?
- What are your playing ambitions/goals?
- Are you playing year-round?
- When would you want to/be able to join if it was a good fit?


For U13/14 and older, our model is much like a "pre-college academy", i.e. our players 7/8th grade and on are really aiming to play in college (whatever the level depends; we have players on track for D3 colleges, and players committed to D1/youth national team levels). We work with Soccerbook to build in college prep and guidance from the soccer side for our older players. For younger age groups, our focus is simply on long term development and helping players develop a love for the game and interest in continually learning and enjoying practicing and training.
Our club model is based around collaboration of various age groups, and a learning environment involving mentorship between older and younger players, from our youngest teams U7/8 to our oldest, U17/18. Younger players frequently guest "up" with older teams when they are ready. The team trains the same day as the older college bound players and often at the same location so the youngsters get a chance to see the olders; how they train, warm up, interact etc.

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