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PSV Union FC 2004/05 (NorCal NPL)


PSV Union FC provides opportunities for players to play and train 'up' providing a vertical pathway of player development within the club that ultimately feeds into the Norcal Premier/NPL. PSV Union FC 04G is a Premier level team based in the Palo Alto/Stanford area which plays in the 2004 NPL Champions League division The team won the top bracket at the Silverlakes Fall Showcase in November 2018, beating some top USSDA and ECNL teams and this past summer it went undefeated at Silverlakes Showcase defeating ECNL and Academy clubs and coming in 2nd place out of 56 of the countries best teams. This past Spring the team played a year up in the Semi-Final of the 03G Norcal State Cup. In the Spring of 2017 they finished as champions of the U13 Norcal Premier Region 2 Premier Division. (see table below). In 2018 the team played in the USSDA league. 

Although every player has a 'primary' team our club is very fluid with our age groups, i.e. we have players who are able to guest play up frequently, then back at their own age group and we have teams with mixed age groups. PSV is a small centrally run club with a family feel to it.  We guide and set the development philosophy for all the teams and they are trained and coached in the same way by the same team of coaches who collaborate so all the players know each other, are accustomed to training together every week. 

* Practice 4x p/w (3x/week team + 1x/week technical training) + 1 weekend game (includes extra technical and physical training)

* Program year-round (fall, winter, spring) + optional summer training/clinics June & July, which all the girls participate in (everyone joins in to a different degree depending on summer vacations/commitments/schedule etc. 

* Players return end of July for team camp, including Silverlakes or Surf Cup (end of July) then the fall preseason in August


See the tryout page for more information.

Contact 650-332-9869 or 


Congratulations to PSV Union FC 04G for winning the Silverlakes Thanksgiving Showcase in Southern California. With no team practice for 10 days prior to the event due to severe smoke pollution from recent fires, PSV Union 04G played in a group with 3 DA clubs and 3 ECNL clubs and won all 3 games. PSV Union FC Co-Director of Coaching Carine Ireland said:

"We were a little concerned about not preparing for the event due to not being able to train much but the team did well considering the level of opposition".

As always, the coaches encouraged players to self train during the unprecedented time away from outdoor play showing that despite lack of facilities, players can help prepare themselves on their own.

"Naturally training with one's team as a player helps team organization and cohesiveness and naturally we would have been even more successful if we had more time on the practice field as a group but the way we train players, which is a hallmark of PSV trainings, enables our players to return to us improved in certain ways that you cant always get in a team environment- many coaches feel they have all the answers and that players have to be under their direct tutelage to improve but anyone who has played and coached the game at a high level will know this isnt true and that players can develop unique traits training on their own- we give our players very specific material in practice that motivates and allows players to self train and come back to us even better and while you cant do it all on your own, you can teach players to be responsible for their own development. Certainly the older players can more easily self train whereas the youngers are still learning but the 09/08/07/06G (playing 1 year up) as well as the 02/03G playing 1-2 years up also did extremely well considering the circumstances" said DOC Gary Ireland.



For U13/14 and older, our model is much like a "pre-college academy", i.e. our players 7/8th grade and older are aiming to play in college (whatever the level depends; we have players on track for D3 colleges, and players committed to D1/youth national team levels). We provide college advice and guidance for all PSV members.  For younger age groups, our focus is simply on long term development and helping players develop a love for the game and interest in continually learning and enjoying practicing and training


PSV Union is an all-girls soccer club with a focus on long term development in all aspects of the game (technical, tactical, psychosocial, physical), starting with teaching and developing a strong technical base and fundamental tactical understanding of the game, and encouraging homework and practicing outside of team trainings. We expect every PSV player to play some form of college soccer or beyond. Our club model is based around collaboration of various age groups, and a learning environment involving mentorship between older and younger players, from our youngest teams U7/8 to our oldest, U17/18. Younger players frequently guest "up" with older teams when they are ready. The team trains the same day as the older college bound players and often at the same location so the youngsters get a chance to see the olders; how they train, warm up, interact etc.

PSV Union FC 04G 2 v Pleasanton Rage 04G ECNL 1 



PSV Union FC 04G 4 vs Real Socal DPL 0 

PSV Union FC 04G 2 v DMCV Sharks ECNL 0 

PSV Union FC 04G 1 v Seattle United ECNL 1 


PSV Union FC 04G  6 v Orchard Valley 03G 2 

PSV Union FC 04G 4 VS Walnut Creek Surf 03G 

PSV Union FC 04G 1 v Ajax 03G 4 

PSV Union FC 04G 3 v CVAlliance 03G  4 

PSV Union FC 04G 7 v North Coast Petaluma 03G 1

PSV Union FC 04G 2 v CVAlliance 03G 1 

PSV Union FC 04G 1 v Davis Legacy ECNL 03G 1

PSV Union FC 04G 0 v MVLA 03G White 1 


PSV Union FC 04G 3 v SF Elite Academy 03G 1 

PSV Union FC 04G 2 v Placer United 03G 1  

PSV Union FC 04G 5 v Folsom Earthquakes 03G 2 


PSV Union FC 04G 3 v Phoenix Rising ECNL 04G 2 (Vegas Showcase) 

PSV Union FC 04G  2  v Maui United 04G 0 (Vegas Showcase) 

PSV Union FC 04G 1 v Irvine Strikers ECNL 2 (Vegas Showcase) 

PSV Union FC 04G 1 v San Diego Strikers 1 (Vegas Showcase)