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Mark Ella one of the all-time greats in world rugby union

“Firstly, he stands closer to his scrum-half than most other stand-off halves I have played with or against, so that the pulls back row forwards on him at an angle which makes it hard for them to change direction, once he has released possession, to harass the midfield,” Standing flat demands exceptional ball handling skills, which were a hallmark of Ella’s game. " I used to insist on having the ball passed to me like a rocket" he said. 

He wastes no strides holding the ball he does not want to use, and flips it instantly on its way towards the wide open space down the touchline. 

The execution of Ella’s backline ploys were expertly controlled by the timing and speed of his passes. Ella writes: “Quick passes are often a sign that the five-eighth is not reading the play. He (the five-eighth) is throwing a quick pass automatically, believing this is what he ought to be doing, without making an assessment of the play and of the opportunities that might exist at that moment. By doing so, he is handing the initiative back to the opposition". Having delivered his pass, he invariably, it seems to me, keeps moving, getting himself between centre and wing on an extended loop – or even outside his wing! Such off-the-ball running is a true sign of greatness