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PSV Union Football Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit girls only youth soccer club based in Palo Alto, CA. The club was founded on December 15, 2003 by Simon, Carine and Gary Ireland with the goal of providing a place where players who loved the game could learn from the best teachers, and where coaches could be supported in their quest to help dedicated players reach their ultimate goals. Utilizing our collective expertise in the game, we designed an organizational model and unique curriculum to be taught in accordance with our core mission and values.

PSV Union FC has become one of the most respected clubs in Northern California held in high regard by college coaches nationwide and renowned for providing high quality professional coaching and developing international, collegiate, representative and elite club level players. We are also known for being 'teachers' of the game rather than 'coaches' and helping youth of any age or level improve and reach their personal goals and potential. 

Today, PSV Union FC consists of competitive teams for U8-U18 ages and an Academy for ages 4-6. Our teams play in various levels, from local competitive leagues to the highest state and nationwide premier level events.  We have students of all abilities and experiences, from novices to members of Youth National Teams and NCAA collegiate scholarship recipients. Alumni of our program include: Women’s World Cup participants, National Team players, NCAA National Champions, College scholarship recipients, Professional and Semi-Professional players. 


We are managed full-time by a staff of experienced soccer professionals with business backgrounds and high caliber coaches with many years of playing and teaching experience at various ages and levels around the world. Our staff have played, coached and managed organizations in North America, Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia. We take our responsibilities at PSV Union FC seriously and are fully committed to each child’s personal and athletic development. 


PSV Union FC’s fundamental club philosophy is long term development and a commitment to continuous improvement. Our program is centered around: teaching all aspects of the game through professional coaching and a high level soccer curriculum designed specifically for youth; providing a challenging and nurturing learning environment; helping kids grasp essential techniques necessary to excel at the sport; developing the overall personality, attitude and mentality for reaching one’s personal best; and helping each child develop a love for the game.


Our mission is to create a superior, professionally coached and managed soccer club for boys and girls. The primary objective is expressly for the purpose of improving the ability of individual players within the framework of the team. Player development is tantamount to team success. We achieve this by developing all aspects of a player’s game: technical, mental, tactical, physical. 

We develop fundamental technique as a foundation while incorporating the other aspects of the game into this. We work repetitively on technique while developing a player's tactical understanding of the game. Without the fundamental understanding of the player/ball relationship, coaches cannot begin to effectively teach and utilize the variety of tactical options. In order to utilize technique, a high level of physical fitness is also required. There is not much success derived from thinking a good game because ultimately, you must be able to execute your skills in a competitive environment. ‘Technique’ is a broad term, which encompasses all the relevant skills needed to perform with composure and thus derive greater enjoyment from the game. Tactics will always depend on team talent, opposition and field conditions. Physical conditioning means more than running hard and fast - it also encompasses flexibility, agility, balance, timing and rhythm. Finally, the foundation of the development of all these attributes in a player begins with a good attitude and a keen interest in learning. We work on helping each player develop their personality in their game, improve their mentality to compete and cooperate both individually and within the context of the team and foster a real interest in learning, improving and committing to setting and reaching goals. We try to cover the entire spectrum of development, creating a well-balanced soccer athlete. 


PSV Union FC enjoys and encourages considerable parental involvement in many aspects of the club however we do not permit parent coaching or parent managing of teams and players. We do utilize parent volunteer assistance for club events. The club is run mostly on volunteer time from our full time coaching staff who have been managing and operating camps, clubs, tournaments and other events for 20+ years. Our administrative staff possess MBAs from leading universities and have considerable experience managing all aspects of a youth soccer club

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