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TOM SERMANNI: Head Coach New Zealand National Team. Former USA & Australia National Team Head Coach, Orlando Pride (NWSL) & Canadian Womens National Team coach

It has been an enormous pleasure being involved with Gary and Carine Ireland at PSV Union over the past year and a half. Their coaching philosophy epitomizes all that is essential for the complete development of young soccer players. I would break their process into three interlinked categories. Firstly and most critically is their emphasis on the technical aspects required in modern soccer. Working with the ball, based on the insistence of disciplined practice with the proper techniques, supplemented by repetition and more repetition. Secondly, this attention to detail is balanced by the encouragement to explore and experiment. Players are encouraged to take risks, to express themselves in passing and technique practices and during games, whether small sided or full scale competitive matches. By doing this players are coached without being over-coached, allowing them the scope to think and self discover. Although everyone enjoys winning, how the game is played takes precedence over the end result. At PSV the necessary physical requirements for soccer can be incorporated within the practices, whether they be small or full-scale games, drills or technique work. Thirdly, the fostering of the social development of the athlete completes the club's philosophy. Interaction between the different teams and age groups occurs throughout the club. This interaction assists the younger players to follow the example of older players and for the older players to embrace that responsibility and become role models and leaders to the younger players. This holistic and athlete centred approach, combined with the skills and knowledge of Gary and Carine has made PSV a unique, successful and arguably the most progressive youth soccer club in the US. I look forward to continuing my coaching relationship with Gary, Carine and the players at PSV

JOHN OWENS: MLS & US Development Academy Technical Auditor Doublepass & former Liverpool FC Academy Head coach/manager & England youth team coach

"His enthusiasm for all matters relating to football coaching has given him an excellent knowledge of all aspects of coaching young players. He has many contacts in the game throughout the world. His open and inquiring mind has allowed him to study a variety of coaching styles and content. He adopts a fresh, open approach which allows him to accept and develop new ideas. In his coaching Gary successfully achieves a friendly, yet well-disciplined approach which puts the young player at the centre of the process. His different roles in a number of countries have given him a strong base of experience. Gary’s own high level of skills and techniques as a player allows him to provide excellent demonstrations which are so important when coaching young players. He has a strong philosophy which concentrates on the development of young players over the short-term aim of winning games. He educates and encourages his players to appreciate the true essence of the game

ABNER ROGERS: Former President/Technical Director-Strikers OC/Strikers FC ECNL & former LA Sol National Championship winning coach & Coach of the Year. Current Socal Blues Head Coach

"It was our pleasure having your team at our (2012 Eclipse College Showcase); many coaches, players and parents enjoyed watching your team play. With 80 teams playing on two state-of-the-arts facilities and the weather cooperating, this years Eclipse College Showcase was a big success. Out of the many games I watched over the three days it was a pleasure to see PSV Union  play Friday and Saturday. With a very young team including 2015 & 2016 grads, the team played some delightful soccer as well as scoring some great goals. Our U18 white team beat them  Friday evening 2-1, but there was no doubt they were the better team. I must commend their coaches Gary and Carine Ireland on seeing the big picture and preparing them for competition with development as their main focus. This group of players are in very capable hands with a bright future ahead of them

ANSON DORRANCE: 23-x National Champion, Univ. North Carolina; USA Coach-1991 Women’s World Cup Champion.U.S.A Women’s team Coach '86-'94

"Gary is a brilliant developer of talent." I have had the privilege to coach a number of talented young women the past 20 years but few with the technical sophistication of Lorrie Fair. When I asked her about her extraordinary development her reply was quick: Gary Ireland made sure I understood everything about the ball, he was not only an amazing coach but a powerful motivator for me and my sister Ronnie.” On Lorrie’s recommendation alone I hired Gary one summer to watch him work and I came away impressed with his knowledge, his energy and his professionalism. He is a brilliant developer of talent


"PSV Union Football Club has a new, ambitious and attractive coaching program that helps players develop the highest level of technical and tactical skills and creative ability with strong motivation and psychological emphasis." Zdenek Sivek - Former Technical Director of Czech Football Association & Co-Chair of Union of European Football Trainers. UEFA and FIFA instructor.

"We would like to seize the opportunity to thank you as well as congratulate you on your efforts in favor of the development of youth football." Walter Gagg - former Head of the Technical Dept. F.I.F.A.
"We are sure that from the excellence of World Soccer work in the past you will make an outstanding contribution to the community and enhance the prestige of our sport."
Keith Cooper -Former Director of Communications of FIFA. Current London Olympics Football Media.

"I was highly impressed by your methods and emphasis on technical development. It was a privilege to contribute to your program." Yevgeni Lovchev - Captain, U.S.S.R. National Team, 62 caps. Captain, Spartak Moscow (Russian 1st Division). 

"Gary's has a world view of football. He has knowledge and experience of soccer, in the United States and around the world, both on and off the field. He has a proven track record of thinking "outside the box" which has provided his programs with a unique touch. From his training of players on the field, to his running of his soccer club, to the development of his soccer website, Gary has shown an ability to bring all of his experiences - both on and off the field - together to build programs which serve soccer at many levels. Above all, his love of the game carries through in all he does with soccer!" Benjamin Ziemer. President NorCal Premier Soccer League. PDP selector, USSF Training Programs selector, USA National Id2 staff coach. 

"Best young coaches in the world!" Wiel Coerver - World-renowned international skills coach.(commenting on his former personal assistants at the Al Wasl Club in Dubai)

"The technical skills and coaching abilities of the Irelands is an invaluable experience that young players should not miss." Chris Dangerfield - Former player San Jose Earthquakes (NASL). Former coach San Jose Oaks - Men's  State, Regional, Nationa (Open Cup)  Champions, 1992. Former T.V. Commentator for M.L.S.

"It would be my opinion that Mr. Ireland have the necessary qualifications to coach and develop national and international caliber youth soccer players." Jim Sheldon - Executive Director, National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NCAA).

"World Soccer's approach to football is excellent. For the ambitious and serious player its a fantastic opportunity to broaden your complete understanding of the beautiful game. There is saying "In Football the truth always comes out on the field". The World Soccer Staff are always there to demonstrate their sharp form on the field." Christopher Sullivan - former European 1st Division Professional. Former World Cup player for U.S. National Team. MLS player. Current Fox Soccer Channel Analyst and commentator.

"The Irelands' ability to analyze and distill basic elements of movement and technique and translate this into methods to improve the playing standards of young players is rare."
Terry Conley - Former Technical Director of Coaching, New Zealand Soccer Association.

"You will learn skills that will enable you to become a world class player. They took the raw athleticism and added the finesse necessary to play at the level I am now."
Lorrie Fair- former professional with WUSA of Philadelphia. Former University of North Carolina 3 times NCAA Champion. 120 appearances for U.S.A Women's National Team. 1 World Cup winner’s medal and 3 time Olympic team.

"This camp offers not only the opportunity to learn skills that will enable you to be able to become a world class player, but also provides positive role models and a chance to make good friends." Lorrie Fair- former professional with WUSA of Philadelphia. Former University of North Carolina 3 times NCAA Champion. 120 appearances for U.S.A Women's National Team. 1 World Cup winner’s medal and 3 time Olympic team.  Ronnie Fair former WUSA professional and standout with Stanford University. Former USA U/23 National Team and first team appearance.

"Some one of the most respected coaches that I have trained under...they emphasize skill, technique, creativity, helping participants with mental as well as physical discipline. Students will learn all aspects of the soccer game." Aman Kebreab - Former MVP, San Jose State University Men's Team. NCAA Div. 1. Currently member of S.F. Seals of USISL. Recommended to A League and S.J. Earthquakes of MLS.

"Carine possesses all the qualities in a top class coach. She is incredibly knowledgeable, wants her players to develop into great players, and manages in a very professional manner. Carine cares about her players and if you show her that you are willing to put the work in, there is nothing she will not do to help you progress and meet your goals. When I was training for the world cup she would train with me on the field every morning and then we would do it again in the afternoon with the club. You don't tend to find a coach who is able to demonstrate what they are teaching (correctly and at game speed) and work harder than you at practice. But I would say that best asset about her as a coach is how passionate she is about the game and how great she is as a player.  She is one of the greatest players I have ever had the privilege to play with". Veronica Perez. Mexico Womens World Cup player and former University of Washington All Star."

Gary is an excellent coach/trainer, teacher and player of the game. There is no doubt that Gary has had a profound impact on my playing career. For the past 10 years I have been very fortunate to have someone so passionate and knowledgeable developing my game. Gary is different than any other coach have had. He's played at a very high level professionally. He knows what he's talking about." Veronica Perez. Mexico Womens World Cup player and former University of Washington standout. 

"I believe that my players enjoyed and benefited from Gary's work. I would recommend him as a trainer to players of all ages and abilities." Gary St Clair.  Men's Head Soccer Coach, San Jose State University, ranked #1 nationally during 2000 season, NCAA Div. 1.

"I have played with and worked alongside the World Soccer Staff for many years. Their depth of knowledge on every aspect of the game is remarkable. Players love working with them because they have the right balance of intensity and levity. Each player that works with them finds dimensions they never knew existed." Chris Ducar - University of North Carolina Assistant Coach, Goalkeeper Coach and Recruiting Coordinator. Former Goalkeeper coach and National goalkeeper coach U.S.A. U/21 National team. Former Director of Tony Di Cicco, Post to Post camps. 

"Gary Ireland is both superbly skilled as demonstrator and as a motivator." Jim Launder - Men's Coach, University of Wisconsin. NCAA Champions 1996.

I have had the pleasure of watching the PSV Union team in three tournaments this past year, and the level of soccer being witnessed, not only by myself, but also by my peers, is absolutely brilliant. To see young players playing the game at such a high level gives hope to our sport in this country for years to come. I commend both Gary and Carine Ireland for having the vision of teaching the game and having a vision of the big picture, where players develop and understand the game in and out, compared to others who focus on winning only and forget about the development of these young players. Without a doubt in my mind, these young players, who range from 8th graders all the way up to Seniors in High School, are being prepared to compete at the next level, but not only to compete, but to also be extremely successful." Hamid Sedehi- Assistant Women's Soccer Coach UC Santa Barbara


"You've made the game fun and pushed us to where we are now. As a result of working with (the staff) I was nominated as an Umbro and parade all American and chosen for both the USA National youth team (U20 & U16) and received a full scholarship to for and attend the University of Portland. I was also named to the 1996 Soccer America all freshman team and the final four all tournament team." Regina Holan - former Sparta Prague, U.S. U-20 & U20 Women's National Team. Former NCAA Div. 1 player at University of Portland & U.C. Berkeley (Cal), Greece Womens National Team. 

"The attitude/ skills/motivation and soccer passion I have acquired since starting at World Soccer are qualities that have given me greater success and enjoyment" Clark Macintosh - Former University of San Francisco (USF). California State Team  U17. Member of World Soccer European Elite Tour Team - 2000/2001.

"Thanks to Gary I have come to realize that soccer is not just a game of passing and dribbling but a pursuit requiring intelligence and mental toughness." Brooke O' Hanley - former WUSA player with Carolina, Champions 2002. Former NCAA Div. 1 player at University of Portland. Member of 3-time National Champions Central Valley Mercury.
"The skills I have learned through Gary Ireland have enabled me to play at a higher level." Kelly Sweitzer - Northern California State Team U/14-17.  NCAA Div. 1 Colorado College.  
"Gary, Carine and Simon- taught me the skills and knowledge that enabled me to play at the level I am at now. They helped me earn a Division 1 scholarship to Colorado College and helped me in the recruiting process. The staff is very respected and well known by a majority of college coaches. Since I have been working with (the staff), my skills and confidence have improved greatly. In the seven years I've known the coaches they have always been role models and friends for me." Christie Ginanni.  NCAA Div. 1 Colorado College.

"I was a U.S. Regional Player and I  trained with the staff for 3 years. Training with World Soccer  (Ireland camps) improved my skills, endurance and understanding of the game, which helped me succeed in making both the State Team and the Regional Pool." Lisa Ferrera - former NorCal U-16 & 18 State & Regional teams, Golden Gate Premier U-19 club team. 
"I have been training with the staff continuously for over 4 years, and I attribute much of my passion for the game, skills, and strategic development to their professionalism, enthusiasm, and unique coaching techniques. They are truly a remarkable group. They helped me get to the top" Kelsy Hollenbeck.  2 times NCAA Champion with University of Portland

"I learn more every time I train with the staff.  I have been training with them for over 6 years. The technical and tactical knowledge is #1. Their team tours to Europe are also the greatest experience playing against top European Pro Club teams!" Matt Nolan -former Williams College Freshman. Former Captain of Palo Alto H.S. and World Elite Euro Tour team Captain in 2000 & 2001.

"Gary, Simon, Victor, Carine (Ireland), Peter Horvath and Regina Holan have taught me that not only do the soccer skills and strategies take you to the top, but the passion of the game and attitude of the player. Over the past 4 years they have helped me developed into the player i am today and continue to provide guidance and instruction for the player i want to become. They have provided me with an environment where they have encouraged me to play with older and better players, and have introduced me to players on the US and Greek National team, as well as many collegiate players. They are always willing to come out and train every day and through their teachings i have had so much success. They are also in the process of helping my family and I with my college recruiting and are striving to help me get into the best college that will continue to help me improve." Veronica Perez. PSV Union asst coach to Gary & Carine Ireland; Mexico Womens National Team (100 times) State & Regional team player 2002-2004. USA National Pool player. 2003, 2004. Former USA U23 National team. Washington Spirit, Western New York Pride & current Club America player in Mexico. 
"When I look back on my overall development as a player, I immediately think of my training days with the Irelands' (Union). From learning tactical fundamentals to playing pick up games until dark, the Irelands' provided an environment for dedicated players to improve. But the most important thing I learned from them was not how to defend, or how to make a run, or even how to strike a ball. It was that I learned how to actively expand my game. The Irelands' appreciate hard work and skill, but they always challenge you: Can you do better? Can you push yourself mentally, physically, and creatively? Can you practice and apply what you have learned? And of course, I always had fun training with them, because I love soccer... and so do they!" Melissa Woo - former PSV Union players & NCAA Div. 1  player at Cal Poly Northern California State Team U/14-17
"There was a noticeable difference in my players' level of skill and understanding of the game after spending time working with World Soccer staff."Alberto Montoya - Coach  MVLA Shooting Stars club team, National Champions.
"Our team worked extensively with the Irelands, with great results...Improved skills and love of the game...a fabulous system." Fred Bjornstaad . 1994 Sunnyvale Roadrunners Manager.  1994 National Girls U16 Champions

"We now encourage all of our teams to include a week of World Soccer (Gary Ireland camps) as part of their preparation for fall season." Dan Lewis - Founder and former President of Stanford Soccer Club  


"Gary and Carine.Throughout the 8 years in counting of my family being apart of you club, my children have been helped to reach their full potential on the soccer field and off. With your guidance I have been lucky enough to watch them transform into young adults. PSV is our family! My children love coming to practice everyday! Seeing then so passionate is an amazing thing to sit back and watch, whether it’s frustration from them not being satisfied with their performance, or debates on who won and just seeing how competitive they are shows how much they care. You will always be a huge reason why my girls are the way they are, and will forever be grateful to you for that. They developed many characteristics that they would have never developed anywhere else. Also, you have provided so many opportunities for my children! They have opened doors for my kids that’s include a college education, national team selection, and it would not have been possible without your support. We are all so thankful and will never finish thanking you. The girls see you and your club as a family, and see you both as their 2nd parents! I don’t know where they would have been without you both and staff! And will always wish you the best” Maria Marin Valencia. Mother of Natza Valencia (University of California Riverside), Bridgette Marin Valencia (UCLA Womens Soccer & Mexico Womens National U20 team), Makalya Marina Valencia (current PSV Union FC player), Layla Marian Valencia (current PSV Union FC player) April 6, 2021.

"Victor and his three sons Simon, Gary and Ross, provided training for my daughters since they were 12 years old. Over the years they not only  helped improve my daughters' technical skills, the staff also taught them the strategy of the game. Being great players themselves, the staff always teaches by example. There is a special place in my heart for this family. They gave emotional support for my children during a very difficult time in their lives. They were generous in volunteering their time as well in training a number of Bay Area youths that later became accomplished players in their respective collegiate careers. Thank you for what you have done." May Fair - mother of WUSA & U.S. Women's National Team and former UNC NCAA Champion Lorrie Fair and Ronnie Fair, former Stanford WUSA National Team player.

"Gary, Carine, Simon, Vic have supported my daughter in many ways. The most important is reinforcing the respect, values and work ethic that we as parents try to instill in our children. The technical skill taught in training have molded her into the player she is. The respect, values and work ethic are what will mold her life. Lastly: Your reputation created the opportunity for my daughter to attend Colorado College on scholarship...For all these gifts I am eternally grateful." Mark Ginanni - father of Christie Ginanni. former Colorado College, NCAA Div. 1.

"My son has been to Europe and England with the Irelands' for the past three years ! The experiences have been invaluable. World Soccer's ability to work with young men and motivate them on the field is excellent. Also, the technical training at World Soccer is simply the best...every player should find the time to work with these guys." Vivian Mackintosh - mother of Clark Mackintosh. former California North State player and college player


Carine mentored the girls, played on the field with them, built up their confidence and speed of play.    Carine brought in the available expertise over time…when the girls were physically and emotionally ready.   Soon they were all out there playing together, Carine, Gary and frequent  guest national and international players.    Carine was/is a great coach to my daughter.  She understands how to engage the girls in the process of becoming a player in every way.  Not just on the field/games,  but also in fostering independent play/training,  creating fans of the professional sport (EPL etc.),  and linking soccer success to academic success with college goals in mind. Through Carine’s contacts we have had a steady flow of interest from colleges throughout the country.   My daughter is only a sophomore, but we are very confident that through Carine’s help she will have many college options going forward. And through Carine’s influence it is clear that my daughter will remain engaged in the sport in college and beyond;  not for the potential scholarships and awards, but simply because Carine has taught her to love the game". Jim Kingman. Parent of PSV Union 94G player Annie Kingman. USA U15 /U17 USA National team; UNC Womens Soccer. 

Our daughter Dana has been playing soccer from a very early age. Throughout her soccer career she has played for several teams and has trained with a variety of coaches. A few years ago Dana became more involved with soccer and we wanted to ensure she trained in the very best environment. We evaluated a few options and selected PSV Union, managed by Carine and Gary Ireland. Looking back, we could not have hoped for anyone better than Carine to be such an important part of Dana’s life. Carine contributes to and influences Dana far beyond soccer. Carine coaches with great passion, dedication, discipline and inspiration and was able to motivate Dana like no other coach and to instill her passion for soccer. Carine is a role model and inspires Dana to work hard and to do the very best she can not only on the soccer field but with everything else she does as well. Carine taught Dana various aspects of soccer and played a significant role in bringing Dana to the next level of play and to open her college opportunities. Carine has high expectations and is an amazing coach for players that would like to take the challenge and are willing to work hard to improve. We are grateful for everything Carine has given Dana and we have no doubt any player, no matter his or her level will greatly benefit from the valuable qualities that Carine possesses as a coach and mentor." Yolanda and Gadi Schwartz, February 2012.


Our daughter Amanda and son Jason have played with PSV Union for a combined dozen years so far.  They love playing for PSV Union and have grown tremendously from their experiences with the club.  PSV Union is an terrific club for players who love the game and want to develop to their maximum potential.  Gary, Carine, and the rest of the coaching team are motivated by developing great players – it is easy to understand this when you see their enthusiasm for great play and energy for teaching.  They have tremendous passion for soccer and are the best we have ever seen in developing players.  Their focus is on long term player skill development and knowledge of the game and not on short term winning.  This approach definitely pays off.  Carine plays a vital role in many ways on and off the field.  Of course, she is an incredible trainer and coach.  She is also a fierce competitor who is a superb role model. But, beyond that she has a tremendous understanding of the psychological aspects of each player’s development.  We are continually impressed by her keen insights into how they can improve as soccer players both technically and mentally while at the same time building up their confidence.  Finally, she does an outstanding job coordinating schedules and communicating, both of which are critical to the club’s operations. In short, she does a lot of everything and all superbly well"! Michelle & Jim Shorin. Parents of Amanda, USA U15 National team.