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Email: for specific tryout dates & information.

Call: 650-332-9869


* PSV Union accepts players on a rolling basis who satisfy league player transfer and tryout requirements 

* Players who are interested in training or trying out with PSV during the official  league tryout window do not need permission from their current or previous club Director of Coaching.

* Players who are unsigned or unregistered may tryout at any time they wish during the year and do not need permission from their former club. 

*  Players wishing to join PSV Union should complete their financial obligations to their existing team/club. 


New players ONLY must submit the following:

  • US Club Soccer registration form completed & signed. go to tryout page to access form
  • photocopy of a birth certificate or passport
  • 1" x 1" headshot photo - no hats or sunglasses

Submit paperwork by:

  • Scanning & Emailing, then mailing original wet-ink US Club form clickhere to download Fall Registration form

PSV Union FC 

555 Bryant St #437

Palo Alto, CA 94301

Reach us at



The PSV Union FC philosophy is based on a long term approach to development that focuses on providing top level instruction and a positive learning environment encouraging and reinforcing the importance of practice and repetition to master the fundamentals and nurturing a love for the game. We have a strong club oriented model to promote this development in which all teams, players and coaches collaborate and cooperate to ensuring our long term players' development goals are achieved. Our highly qualified licensed coaches have many years of experience with all ages and levels around the world and have a strong commitment to teaching and sharing their passion for the game. PSV Union players range in age & level from 4-year-olds to 17-year-old National team and college bound players. We welcome players of various levels & experiences!  


We dont have set tryout dates. Instead we invite all interested players to attend a few practices to see if there is a good fit. Practices are a great way for kids to get familiarized with a new environment and coaching program and get to know the coaches and players, and reduces the pressure of attending "tryouts" because we treat it as a training and learning opportunity as well as a chance for our coaches to assess players. We want to see how players train and how they absorb the material being illustrated by the PSV coaching staff. 



Soccer players get better by playing soccer. Its a fact. While many of our players concentrate on soccer as their sport of choice, we do have a number of players (primarily U13 and younger) who participate in multiple sports. Soccer is the primary sport of players at PSV Union and they continue to practice and play year-round while participating in other activities. We prefer single sport (Soccer only) players in the club because these players tend to experience accellerated improvement. Few multi-sport players older than 13 years of age excel in the game. 

During the Winter training season, we are more flexible with practice attendance and players are able to incorporate other activities during this time. Winter is a great developmental season that is more flexible for those doing a second sport during this season. Some on players on rare occasions take the Winter season off but almost all players choose to continue during the Winter. 

Players are required to be committed to the team during the league seasons and require players to continue to train on their own (homework) throughout the year, even if on a reduced schedule during the off-seasons (winter and summer). If players want to participate in additional activities, we try to work with every player who loves soccer and is committed to the game so that they can still participate at PSV Union.  

We encourage the continuation of training throughout the year because long term development comes from consistent training and repetition. Almost every one of our players chooses to play year round (although some of our youngest players reduce practices during the Winter), and this has helped tremendously in players' development and acquisition of new skills, techniques and understanding of the game.

High School aged players have the option of playing Winter High School soccer with some opting to train with club during winter season to optimize their level of training and benefit from a focused and high level training environment and concentrate on developing essential high level skills.