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PSV Union FC (make checks payable to PSV Union FC)

555 Bryant St #437

Palo Alto, CA 94301


Phone (call or text): (650) 332-9869

Additional Contact Info

Director of Coaching

Gary Ireland

General Adminstration & Scheduling

Carine Ireland



Please post a note on your team’s group page wall on Pass2Me about attendance, updates or other team-related questions. You may also reach out to anyone on the team this way. To post on the wall, you can text the message from your phone to the wall (see instructions below), or post it through the website or use the Pass2Me mobile site from your phone.

How to text PSV Union via Pass2Me

The best way to update us is to post on the "wall" of your Team's group page on Pass2Me. Posting enables us to get notifications in a variety of ways: a Text message on our phone, an Email, and an Alert/Update when we log into our Pass2Me account online.

To set up the ability to Text from your phone to your group page wall, login to your Pass2Me account and go to Mobile Settings.

Once you are set up to Text to the Pass2Me number, you can text to the post of your team's group page.

To text to your group page, you'll need the "short name," which for all PSV Union teams begins with: "psv..." For example, to text to the 00B group page, you have to type in: "group psv00b: your message"

Here are all the short names for PSV Union Team group pages:

For more info on how to do this, go to the Mobile info page on Pass2Me.