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Camps Dates/Times

04/05, 06 July 15-19 & 21-24 5:30-7:00pm
07 July 22-26; July 29-Aug 1 5:30-7:00pm
08, 09 July 22-26; July 29-Aug 1 4:00-5:30pm
10, 11, 12/13 July 29-August 2; August 5-8 4:00-5:30pm


Team camps during fall pre-season are designed to bring together players and teams after the summer break to prepare for the fall season. These camps allow the coaches to spend a concentrated period of time getting players re-accustomed to one another and to both review and learn new material. After an extended break, players typically take several days to get their touch back. Team camps are a great way to kick off the fall season and gives the players and coaches a chance to get a running start.


Q: Can I sign up for only 1 day? 

A: This is a team camp week. If you cannot make the advertised dates be sure to communicate with to notify us. It's not ideal to attend one day at a time. Attending the entire team camp week enables the coaches to build on themes and regulate the intensity and focus of training from the beginning to the end of the week. However, if you are unable to make the entire week, we do allow individual sign up days. We suggest that you still try to attend at least a week of team camp, and possibly pick an alternate week or a combination of individual days.  

Q: What if I miss the designated camp weeks? Can I come to other weeks? 

A: Maybe. We have designated specific weeks for you to register for camp so that you are with your team and can train and re-acquaint with them after a summer break. If you absolutely cannot make your designated team camp week then it may be possible to sign up for an alternate week. For players who can make more than 1 week, we encourage to attend an additional week (if available). Check with

Q: Is there a deadline for registration? 

A: Confirmation of participation and payment must be received by June 15.

Q: Can I receive financial assistance? 

A: Contact to inquire about financial aid. 


Full Week: $275

Full payment due on June 15. Contact us if you are not able to sign up for the full week.

Pay via Check:

Send checks ($275) to:

PSV Union FC
555 Bryant St #437
Palo Alto, CA 94301 

Pay via PayPal:

Send $283.25 to