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PSV Union offers individual training sessions to help players who want to spend a concentrated period of time addressing specific areas of their game.These lessons are open to all PSV Union FC players seeking to improve their individual game in addition to their regular team practice sessions and/or small groups. The focus will be on assessing and evaluating the individual’s most critical areas of needed improvement and addressing and developing these areas, as well as improving the player’s overall game. Some themes will include, but are not limited to individual skill work such as:

  • dribbling
  • passing
  • receiving
  • shooting
  • speed of footwork
  • general coordination
  • balance
  • mobility and dexterity both with and without the ball.


Individual training sessions are catered to the needs of the individual, depending on their schedules and obligations. We work with each player to determine the frequency and amount of individual training sessions that are optimal for their development. We make sure that sessions are scheduled accordingly so as to not negatively affect the player’s training and rest schedule, as well as academic and personal commitments. This enables maximum flexibility with times and dates so we ask that you contact us to arrange individual sessions. 


Jordan Middle School or Mayfield Soccer Complex, unless stated otherwise. 


Contact us with your choice of days and times, wait for a confirmation, then send in a check or use our online PayPal service if you wish to use a credit card. If paying by check be sure to indicate on your check what your payment reflects (e.g. Individual sessions, Fall 2020). Installment plans are only accepted upon prior agreement. If you wish to set up a payment plan, please contact us at 

Send payments to:

PSV Union FC
555 Bryant St #437
Palo Alto, CA 94301 


Q: What’s the difference between individual and mini-sessions? 

A: Nothing really but the shorter sessions will be more intense and not as much detail but still high quality.  its more an issue of timing. coaches and players may only have 1 hour to train so we offered it to fit their schedules.