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PSV UNION FC Congratulates 93/94G Players Annie Kingman and Sunny Lyu for their selection to id2 Regional Camp

November 2010


PSV Union players Annie Kingman and Sunny Lyu have been recognized as being 2 of the best players in their age group not only in Northern California but also in the Western United States.

Both girls attended the iD2 Regional Camp from 11/12 to 11/15 at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, Texas. They were part of a group of approximately 60 players who were selected from all over the United States to be scouted for the U15 National Team camp in January.

Not only were the girls selected from both 1995 and 1996 age groups in the entire Northern California, they are from the same club (PSV Union), the same team (94G) and selected an entire year younger than most of the girls selected. No other players on the list of the 9 selected were from the Peninsula/South Bay area.

What does this mean? They are considered among the best players in their year of birth in the State. Both players play up a year on the talented and successful PSV Union 94G team which is now one of the top teams in the State of Northern California. Sunny Lyu has been with the club and the same team since she joined from AYSO as a 9 year old playing a year up on the Class 3 Division 2 team. Annie Kingman came to the club nearly 2 years ago out of Class 3. The players have gotten this far through excellent commitment and dedication as well as outstanding guidance from the professional coaching staff at PSV Union.

"The support from their coaches and families, coupled with their passion for the game which has been fostered by their support groups as well as putting the extra time to develop their technical and tactical skills are paying dividends' says Coaching Director Gary Ireland.'People ask us all the time how our teams and players progress so rapidly. I tell them to come and watch a training session and learn about the standards we have at PSV Union. Look at our coaching staff and you can see the experience they have that creates the culture we have at the club'

"During the time that they have been with our club, Sunny and Annie have improved tremendously because of their passion for the game, their dedication to improving, their superb attitude towards learning and their constant efforts to seek excellence and strive to compete at a higher level. They have also benefited from an environment conducive to helping them achieve their goals: their parents, coaches, teammates and the entire club is committed to learning and to long-term development. We are very proud that they have been recognized for their efforts. Our focus is on continuing to help them and all players at Union learn to master all facets of the game. We believe that all our players have tremendous potential and that with hard work and commitment they will be able to be as successful as these two players." - Carine Ireland

At PSV Union both Annie and Sunny along with their teammates are often competing against and training with their coaches and teammates as well as playing against and with the older boys and girls players in the club. PSV Union emphasizes an inclusive and cooperative club environment where there is a lot of inter- and intra-team learning and interaction in order to foster the best possible learning opportunities.

PSV Union supports the US Club identification and development program id2 which NorCal Premier supports through its PDP program.