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PSV Union Goalkeeper Training

A Training Program Developed Specifically Goalkeepers

Technique, Positioning, Tactics


Players will work with our keeper staff who will focus on the footwork, positioning, the mechanics and fitness which a goalkeeper needs in preparation of shot stopping from training to game situations. Players are invited from other sessions to provide a variety of shots to bring valuable experience to the position. During each training session the keepers will gain positive feedback from each PSV Union FC coach to increase their ability master the position. Topics will include positioning, fitness, tactics, the keeper as the first attacker and communication will be incorporated in small games with PSV Union FC players.


Typical Training Session:

  • Warm up which includes hand, eye, footwork coordination exercises
  • Fitness and stretching exercises to increase stamina and decrease injuries
  • Techniques to stop shots both high and low
  • Dealing with breakaways, 1v1 situations
  • Dealing with crosses involving active strikers for pressure. Crosses from various angles
  • Positioning to maximize ability to stop shots and crosses
  • Stopping shots on goal ball handling with Union FC strikers
  • The use of communication to gain command of your area
  • Defending set plays and free kicks
  • Keeper as the first attacker


Area of Focus:

  • Basic footwork and movement - developing body and hand-eye coordination
  • Build confidence in shot-stopping, diving, etc.
  • Distribution - becoming the first attacking player
  • Reading the game, timing, awareness, positioning



Fees will be based on the number of keepers and days attended

  • Individual: $100.00 per 1.5 hours
  • 2 players: $50 per 1.5 hours

Questions? Please contact us at


Jack (00B) distributing the ball to his team

Alexi making a great save for PSV Union 00B

PSV Union Goalkeeper Sessions