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Frequently Asked Questions & Guidelines For Referees

Which leagues do PSV Union FC teams play in?

PSV teams participate in the NorCal Premier Leagues, NorCal NPL ("National Pemier League”), and the NorCal State Cup.

Where are the home fields for PSV games?

Home games are played primarily at Jordan Middle School and Mayfield Soccer Complex turf fields (also called Stanford Palo Alto Community Fields). Occasionally, we may play at other Palo Alto fields such as Seale Park or Cubberley Community Center.

Jordan Middle School: 

750 North California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Mayfield Soccer Complex: 

El Camino Real and Page Mill Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

Seale Park: 

3100 Stockton Place, Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Cubberley Community Center: 

4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto, CA 94306.

What are the number of players in each game?

The U8-U10 age groups play 8 v 8. U11 play 8 v 8 in the Fall season and 11 v 11 in the Spring season. U12-U19 play 11 v 11. 

What are the lengths of the games?

U8-U9: 25 minute halves

U10-U11: 30 minute halves

U12-U14: 35 minute halves

U15-U16: 40 minute halves

U17-U19: 45 minute halves

What are the ball sizes?

U8 - U12 will play size 4
U12 - will play size 5 in Spring
U13 and above will play size 5
What are the roster sizes?

U8 – U10: 14 player game day roster

U11: 14 player game day roster (Fall); 18 player game day roster (Spring)

U12 – U19: 18 player game day roster

What are the NorCal Premier League substitution rules?

Unlimited substitutions are allowed. All substitutions are at the referee’s discretion. A substitution can take place for either team at the following times:

1) prior to a kick-off

2) a goal kick

3) a throw-in

4) after the referee stops play for an injury or yellow card

What are the NorCal NPL substitution rules?

As above, for regular NorCal Premier League games, with the following exceptions for field players:

1) First half no re-entry, except 1 re-entry for goalkeeper

2) Second half one re-entry per player

3) There will be 1 re-entry per half for an injured goalkeeper 

What rules should referees follow?

All games shall be played according to the rules and regulations recognized by the NorCal Premier League which shall be the same rules set by FIFA/US Soccer (USSF) except for those exceptions authorized by FIFA or USSF. The Rules of Competition for Norcal follow US Soccer Laws of the Game and US Soccer rule interpretations. Only referees with valid and current USSF referees' license will be permitted to officiate the matches.

Are guest players Allowed?

Guest players are not allowed, and all players must have valid US Club Soccer (USCS) player passes.

Where can referees get more information on NorCal Rules, Regulations, & Procedures?

Links to the NorCal League, RAL League, and the Spring League are posted on the referees page on Pass2Me under ‘Links’, and also by visiting the following links: NorCal Premier LeagueNorCal NPL League, and NorCal Spring League.  

What are the red card procedures?

If a red card is given it is the responsibility of the home team to make sure that the referee fills out a Send Off Report Form for any player or coach that the referee sent off in the match. The NorCal PAD must be notified within 24 hours by the home team. The player card can be returned to the team as long as the Referee Game Report shows the infraction, the player's name and number.

What are the procedures to report incidents at a match?
To report injuries, poor or unsafe field conditions, any unusual incident, or submit a complaint to the Norcal Premier Soccer Board, please complete the Incident Report Form to notify the appropriate league, commissioner, referee coordinator or other staff.

Where can referees sign up for games?

PSV Union FC proudly utilizes Pass2Me (a social network for soccer communications/management) for its communications. Please sign up at and “Friend” “PSV Union Referees” (you can find it by typing the name of the page in the Search bar at the top of your page). All games and confirmed assignments will be posted onto the PSV Union Referee’s page. 

How do I get notified about game assignments, schedule changes, cancellations and other relevant referee information?

You can get updates from us via Pass2Me in the following ways: 

·         Text notifications on your cell phone whenever we post on our wall (you have to link your cell number to your Pass2Me account) - very useful for last minute or real-time updates/changes

·         Email notifications (system automatically send these to you unless you change your Settings) - useful for all updates from us - you receive an email for every post, event invitation & update, inbox message (private message sent within the Pass2Me system), or status change (friend request or acceptance, invitation to join a group/fan page, request to join your group, etc.)

·         You may also post on the wall of the Pass2Me Referee page - either from the regular Pass2Me site, the Mobile version, or by text from your cell phone (you can text to the wall directly). This is a great way to let the referee coordinator and your fellow referees know if you will be late, etc. (if they are on Pass2Me and have set up their text/email notifications this way).

 What are the fees for refereeing at PSV Union FC?

The refs fee schedule is listed on the left side of this page.

When and how are referees paid for games officiated?
Payments for games officiated are mailed to referees twice a month (mid & end of month).


Additional Guidelines:

1.  Be at games at least 30 minutes before kickoff.

2.  Be properly attired as per USSF referee rules.

3.  No jewelry is allowed at all. Same rules apply to players.

4.  Please change in your car or at a discreet location away from players and parents.

5.  Do not sit on the teams’ benches at any time.

6.  During half times, please find a location a reasonable distance away from both teams, and their benches (important to maintain neutrality and to give teams some space).

7.  For Jordan Middle School fields: You can park on the school premises (in the parking lot on Middlefield Road) but not past the chain link gate down the driveway towards the back of the school (where the basketball courts are, directly next to the fields and equipment shed). We ask that no referees or parent/players park here to minimize the amount of traffic primarily for safety reasons (kids going to the restrooms, playing basketball on the courts, etc.). You may also park on North California Avenue.

8.  Make sure that you always carry your whistle, red & yellow cards, your badge, flags, watch with timer, pen, and a coin for the coin toss.

9.  Please note that all referees have to keep up with the play during a game to help you with your decision making. In the case of games with the 2 referee system, both have to be CR's and make decisions on both halves of the field. This includes calling fouls in the half of your fellow ref’s half, as there are times he/she might miss seeing an infringement.

10. Please be respectful of all coaches and players just as they respect you.

11. This is Kal Sandhu’s (Referee Coordinator) cell phone for emergencies: 650-861-5388. If you are unable to reach Kal, please call/text Carine Ireland (Club General Manager): 650-799-7984. Please be sure to identify yourself and the game/date you are assigned to. Please call or text as much in advance as possible if you are going to be late. You may also post on the wall of the Pass2Me Referee page. This is a great way to let your fellow referees know if you will be late (if they are on Pass2Me and have set up their text/email notifications this way).

12. Please respond to schedule requests immediately.

13. Please refrain from conversation with coaches, and parents unless it is related to the game. 

14. If you have questions, please email directly or send an inbox message via Pass2Me to ‘PSV Union Referees.’