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ABOUT 'tes' (team evaluation system) (team evaluation system) was founded by Simon Ireland in 2017 to help soccer coaches, players and parents, learn and improve. 'tes' draws on its network of consultants and experienced football minds from countries throughout the youth and professional soccer world. 'tes' is a groundbreaking evaluation system for players, parents, coaches and teams and provides PSV with several crucial components that go a long way to significantly improving the youth soccer experience for everyone.

Typically there is a club membership charge for using 'tes', however, PSV Union FC has been invited to pilot this App. for the summer and (possibly) Fall of 2019 so there is no charge to the club or its members. PSV players and families wishing to use 'tes' must contact to request participation in the PSV Union 'tes' App. pilot.   

Why does PSV use 'tes'?

  • Because PSV coaches want to provide regular and timely feedback on our players' performances and for players and parents to better understand our expectations more often than a season ending summary
  • Because every PSV player wants to know how they played, how to and what to improve and parents want to know how their child is progressing 

'tes' is dedicated to:

  • Assisting PSV Union coaches to become a better teachers, to communicate the finer points and nuances with our players, to improve the outcome for individual players and PSV teams performances and to better (more productively) involve players’ parents in the process. 

  • Assisting every player on the team, providing a proven method to develop their maximum potential, to improve communication with their coach and to share a better understanding of the game with their parents. 

  • Assisting parents with a better way to be supportive of their own child's experience, development and enjoyment.


First, the PSV player and parent will respond to the Club by requesting to participate in the PSV Union TES Pilot Program. Then we will add both the Player and one Parent to their PSV Union Team account.

An Invite will be sent to the Player and Parent to join their PSV Union FC TES team account. Both player and parent will receive an email invitation to join TES. For those players who do not have an email address, parents may use any email of their choosing and manage the players account. The email addresses are 'identifiers' that connect you to a specific Team.

* Please note that the TES App is currently only for iPhone iOS. The TES App will also run on the iPad, but it is not built for iPad. It is not a desktop or laptop App.

Android users, you can still create and use your TES account, but you will need to use an iPhone to access the account until the Android version becomes available later this Summer.


Follow these instructions below to Get the App.

1: Go to iPhone App store. Search: 'TES - Total Evaluation System'  or click on  App Store Link to TES

2: New TES App users will first need to please ‘Sign Up’ (not Login) using the same email address that PSV Union FC used to invite you.


  • Create your player account on TES, using the email address your invitation was sent to, and complete your profile information
  • Review game card details and your coach’s evaluation of the opposing team
  • Complete your player self evaluation using standardized criteria
  • Review your coach’s evaluation of your game, visible only after your self evaluation is submitted. 


  • Create your player/parent account on TES, using the email address your invitation was sent to
  • You will be able to 'Login' through the Player portal
  • Review/oversee your player’s TES account
  • Upload game photos
  • Support your child’s experience, development, and enjoyment.

App Store Link to TES 





  • It’s a simple, powerful and educational tool that benefits all PSV stakeholders on one App
  • Parents, Players, PSV coaches will be able to use a meaningful, insightful and progressive platform
  • TES is a system designed for players, by a former player to communicate high value game changing data and insight in only minutes…
  • Use that same data to build a players profile and help define their individual pathway
  • No hardware/software packages, wearables or activity tracking devices or ‘tech gadgets are required. 
  • The PSV Union/TES account is managed, moderated & monitored by the PSV Union FC GM and DOC
  • Evaluations are not made public. They can only be seen by the player, their parents and PSV coaches
  • Club/Team members profiles are not viewable to the general public and are not viewable to other club members
  • PSV coaches use TES to evaluate player performance and monitor homework
  • Players play an important role in their own development by providing self evaluations and feedback.
  • An integrated self training program
  • An integrated messenger program
  • An integrated calendar & schedule 
  • An integrated Media wall
  • An integrated team contact list
  • Video tutorials on features can be seen on the website -

Parental Transparency & Authorization

  • TES App users under the age of 18 are granted access and permission to join the system, only with the authorization and consent of their parent/guardian
  • To ensure safety, security and transparency for all TES App users, Parents & Guardians will have total authority, access and control of their child's account
  • No Player will be able to use the System without Parental participation.