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Dog Owner Notice

Field Use, Children's Sports, and Dogs At Greene Middle School Field

PSV Union FC is a youth soccer club based in Palo Alto, conducting soccer practices and games year-round for children ages 4-17 at Greene Middle School. 

PSV Union, along with Little League baseball and other soccer clubs are the designated permit holders and paying users of the facility - as permitted by the City of Palo Alto - for field usage.  (during all other hours, PAUSD and Jordan Middle School are daytime users & the field is open to the public). 

The permit designates that those listed on the user agreement are permitted and have exclusivity to use the facilities during these times. Occasionally we do not use the entire field because we choose to rest the field or we combine groups or less participants due to holidays or grass length etc) and have always been happy to share any unused or open field space with dog owners, other recreational sports, or families, children and the general public who would like to take advantage of these facilities as long as they are not interfering with our activities. Our main concern is making sure that our sessions are uninterrupted and that the children, coaches and parents are safe.

During permitted field use the City has firm dog leash laws (see below). Dogs must be on leash and supervised and must not be allowed to running into, near or across the players, coaches and parents.  In addition, players leaving the practice field should not encounter animals off leash. First and foremost is the safety and well-being of the players and their coaches. PSV Union has an important responsibility to both the children and their parents to provide the safest environment possible. In the past, some children have been bitten and also accidentally knocked down and jumped on by dogs that have run through our practice and game areas. There have been occasions where staff. players and parents have stood in feces which has not been removed by the owners. Additionally, our sessions are highly focused on teaching and instruction and should not be interrupted by unleashed dogs who could run into our players and staff could result in injury which could lead to charges against the dog owners. We respectfully request that you be mindful of your dogs during the time periods that we are holding sessions, and also during the short period at the conclusion of our trainings. Please continue to be aware of children crossing the field or leaving through the gates. 


  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times and must not enter the field of play at any time before during or after practice or games during our permitted time of usage. 
  • Failure to respect these conditions will result in PSV staff calling animal services

City of Palo Alto law regarding dog supervision:

"Leash required: Any dog or puppy must be controlled on a leash by an able-bodied person, at all times, even when under supervision, whenever the dog is on public property. This includes all parks, sidewalks, streets, school grounds and the Baylands marsh areas or while on an unenclosed lot. The leash law is strictly enforced, but certain dog exercise areas have been created as playgrounds for exercising your dog off leash.”

Greene field is a public field and we take great pride in maintaining the fields (on a regular basis at our own expense) to make sure that it is kept up. We ask that you join us in helping take care of this community facility so that everyone can benefit. 

If you have any questions, please contact PSV Union at

Thank you.


  • Palo Alto: A regular, on-duty Animal Control Officer (ACO) will respond. Call 329-2413. see link here