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94G PDA Showcase 2012 Review

PSV UNION 94G - PDA Girls College Showcase Review (May 26-28, 2012)

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Hello College Coaches, 
Thank you for coming to watch the PSV Union 94G team play this past weekend at the PDA Showcase in New Jersey and thank you for your feedback and positive comments as well as your interest in PSV Union players. Some of you were looking in the wrong age bracket initially but we’re glad you found us for the later games. We played in the U17G Memorial Red bracket with half the team playing 1-4 years up, which is why you might have missed us. Our squad had 7 players ages 13-15 years and only 7 players playing ‘age pure’ in the U17 age group. We were amissing 2 starters due to knee injuries; however rather than take guest players, we decided to play give our U13 and U14 players an opportunity to play up. 
We don't attend tournaments to try and win. We have a long-term philosophy in regards to development, and we try focus on developing our style of creative, attacking, possession-based soccer as well as competitive, committed and hardworking mentalities in all our players. We develop players through an emphasis on training and repetition, and have a teaching approach to both practices and games. 
Read here about our club & coaching philosophy: 
Results from the PDA Showcase:
Game 1: 
PSV Union 94G vs ISA Sting 94 (NYE): 2:2 (Goals: Kingman - 2)
ISA Sting 94 are 2x Disney Showcase finalists; NYE State Cup finalists; PDA Showcase bracket winners; Region 1, CFC Showcase and WAGS champions.
Game 2:
PSV Union 94G vs PDA Crush (NJ): 3:4 (Goals: Pederson - 3)
PDA Crush are ranked #7 in the nation, NJ State Cup finalists, PDA Showcase bracket winners, Atlanta Final Four Showcase champions, Jefferson Cup semi-finalists.
Game 3:
PSV Union 94G vs SDFC Lynx 2:2 (Goals: Lu, Pederson)
SDFC Lynx are ranked #1 in the nation, NJ State Cup champions, PDA Showcase bracket winners (2012), Players Showcase finalists, Region I Premier League runners-up, Disney Showcase semi-finalists.
Comments from Opposition Coaches & College Coaches at the PDA Showcase:
An opposition coach was gracious enough to come and speak with the team after the game and give some words of praise and feedback. He stated that California teams always give them a game and that he felt we as a team played the very best soccer he has seen during his coaching career in the past 20 years on the East Coast. One referee commented that he had refereed 14 games over the duration of the weekend and said that we played the best soccer and this was the best game he had seen all weekend. Hearing compliments from the referee and opposition coach was high praise indeed and something we are grateful for and proud to share with you. 
We weren't at our very best due to several injuries and illnesses prior to the tournament, and we lacked an edge to our passing and touch as well as sharpness. However, we did manage to put in some good performances both individually and collectively and came away from the past weekend with plenty of positive feedback from every opposition coach. They made various comments, for example: we were the best opponent they had played; they were impressed by our technical capabilities; it was refreshing to see us try to play out of the back; they appreciated that we were always trying to play ‘good football’; every player looked comfortable and composed on the ball; plus several high compliments on individual performances. At the same time, we are also aware that we have a long way to go to reach our ultimate goal and will be working hard to improve all technical, tactical, and physical aspects of each player's game. 
The following is a comment received from a college coach after the tournament:
It was a pleasure to watch your girls play this past weekend!!! After chatting with you just briefly on Saturday, I have a great respect for the vision you have for your club as well as your passion! That passion is certainly evident in your players as well! Watching them play, it was clear to see that they were having fun out there and I loved the creativity and imagination that they showed throughout the weekend. It was nice to see the girls being empowered to make decisions on the field for themselves and trying different things.
The following is a comment received from an opposition coach after the tournament:
I thought your approach to the game was very thoughtful and skillful as I have not seen a team at this level play the possession game in the way your team played.  I thought just about ever player was very technical in the areas of receiving and passing.  Very composed on the ball and never panicked when pressured.   Most everyone for me was very similar and hard for me to point out any others that caught my eye.  Everyone was very good though and could play. I know you mentioned that you and (Carine) were working on things (building out of the back and through the midfield by having the opposition put pressure on you). I know you scored 3 on us but I think you could have scored more if the team did move the forward more during the match.
About the PSV Union Philosophy:
As you can see from the above comments, our style of play includes a deliberate effort to build out of the back and through the midfield, oftentimes under extreme pressure, as well as keeping a high defensive line and pressing at all times which sometimes leaves us vulnerable at the back. It also involves a deep underlying philosophy of not insisting on one style of play or a fixed formation and permitting players to make independent and collective decisions based on what they feel or sense or interpret to be most appropriate. We feel strongly about allowing young players to be creative and to problem-solve independently (with guidance and teaching) in every position. Although we are cognizant that you may have a system you play with specific roles for each position at your college, we know any player coming out from PSV Union can easily adapt to your style of play and may even fit the role you are seeking to fill -- because they have a strong foundation and solid grasp of fundamental skills and tools necessary to succeed in the game.
Top college coaches don't only look for players limited to one position who plays one dimensional, but also for players who can think outside the box and play at a high technical and tactical level. Too many youth coaches select speed and power to solve problems and win games in the short run. We don't take shortcuts at PSV Union even if it means losing games at the youth level. You wont find us playing a 'vertical' game and dumping aimless crosses into the box or taking hopeful or low percentage shots or bypassing the midfield or avoiding playing out of the back for fear of losing the ball. Playing away from pressure and isolating athletic players in 1 v 1 match-ups with aimless long balls is something we don't do. Because of this, we deliberately take extreme risks in very sensitive parts of the field. 
We try to showcase our players under pressure which means placing them in uncomfortable situations. Every one of you college coaches want to see the players handle pressure situations whether it is defending 1 v 1 or combining through a 'tight' midfield area or threading passes from the back line into a crowded midfield.  We also feel it’s best for the players’ long term development to learn to execute these skills in competitive situations. Let’s face it - you don't care which teams win games because you aren’t picking an entire team. You are interested in individual performances and want to see how a player and team can solve problems both individually and collectively. 
The message we send our players each time they come away from any high level event such as the PDA Showcase is this: to successfully play at a higher level, intensify your training and practice with a competitive edge - improve and speed up your passing, dribbling (1 v 1 or 1 v 2), receiving/first touch; play technically quicker (or slower depending on the tempo) and physically quicker; speed up your thought process and decision making; move into attacking shape and defensive shape much more quickly. 
Our style of play is still in development as the players have a long way to go technically and tactically which we will be focusing on upon our return. Our technical speed and therefore decision making speed and clarity is going to be determined by our technical ability and quality, intensity and frequency of training and not high caliber competition. We obtain this by: playing vs boys teams; playing vs coaches and older competition within the club; maintaining the intensity and quality of training; encouraging healthy competition amongst teammates.
PDA Showcase Game Reviews:
The first game on Saturday was against ISA Sting 94 from Long Island. The game started well with PSV Union going up 2:0 in the first half with both goals being scored by UNC-bound sophomore and US U15 National squad player Annie Kingman. The first was a superb redirected header off of a long free kick into the box by Siobhan Cox and the second a penalty from a foul committed on Jacey Pederson who had dribbled past three defenders en route to goal. The game ended 2:2 with the opposition coach generously stating that we were the best team they had played all year, which we are pleased to hear given the fact that they were a very competitive team. The opposition coach was very complimentary about our style of play and spent some time explaining why he thought so; he enjoyed our collective display and creative attacking style from back to front. 
The second game PSV Union lost 3:4 to PDA Crush, ranked 7th nationally. However, 2016 grad and US U15 National team player Jacey Pederson would score an impressive hat trick. After a slow start on a sloping field, PSV Union went ahead with a goal from Pederson on a chipped ball played over the back line by Kingman. Pederson scored twice more, once with a header from a loose ball in the penalty area contested by Dana Schwartz and Sunny Lyu, and once more after receiving an incisive pass from Schwartz and dribbling past the last defender and goalkeeper. While the first half saw PSV Union finding it hard to find our rhythm and conceding a few goals through unforced errors, the second half was very different. PSV Union came back with a display of attacking soccer to score 2 more goals and narrowly miss tying the game when USC-bound senior Dana Schwartz hit the post in the closing minutes. It was a game of two halves with PSV Union definitely finishing the stronger of the two. It was some consolation to hear from the opposition coach that we were 'very technical,’ that he liked our entire team, with particular reference to the central midfield players, and that he was 'blown away' we had such young players on the team. 
We completed the PDA tournament with a well-played game vs the #1 ranked U17G team in the nation, SDFC Lynx from New Jersey, who had beaten our first 2 opponents 2:0 and 3:0,respectively. PSV Union went ahead in the first half when sophomore midfielder Sunny Lyu played a well-weighted ball through to Jacey Pederson, who delivered a cross that was finished by 2016 grad Alison Lu. PSV Union then fell behind after SDFC Lynx scored two goals. We grabbed the tying goal through some excellent work late in the game from Pederson with a fine individual effort. Pederson dribbled past 2 defenders on a 30 yard run before her driven cross was deflected by the goalkeeper into the corner of the net. At the end of the game PSV Union was congratulated by the opposition coach who claimed we were the best team they had faced for a long time. Throughout the game, in 95+ degree temperatures and high humidity, PSV Union players worked tirelessly to pressure the opponents and maintain possession. In particular, Sunny Lyu recovered and won the ball multiple times in the midfield and executed several creative plays. Overall, the game was competitive with PSV Union having a bigger share of possession. There was one sequence of passing which included 17 passes and 8 players from the back line into the final third of the field. While lacking some finishing touches in the final third, this display was indicative of the way we play. Possession was 60-40 in favor of PSV Union. 
PSV Union 94G Team Profile:
Players playing 'up' at the PDA Showcase: 
U16: Annie Kingman #4 (1 year)
U16: Sunny Lyu #10 (1 year)    
U15: Lauren McHugh #16 (2 years)
U15: Amanda Shorin #11 (2 years) 
U14: Jacey Pederson #7 (3 years) 
U14: Alison Lu #12 (3 years) 
U13: Sophia Villalta #61 (4 years) 
U13: Georgia Kingman #3 (4 years)
The remainder of the team (playing age pure) is comprised of: 
Dana Schwartz #14, Midfielder (2012 - University of Southern California)
Siobhan Cox #17, Defender (2013 - not yet committed) 
Sydney Carr #23, Defender (2013 - UC Santa Barbara)
Ashley Zhao #8, Defender (2013 - not yet committed)
Elizabeth Cruz #6, Forward (2013 - not yet committed)
Maya Norman #5, Forward (2013 - not yet committed)
Aly Nilan-Axline #1, Goalkeeper (2013 - not yet committed)
Unavailable players due to injury: 
Nicki Palermo (2012 - University of Chicago) 
Briana Thomasson (2012 - committed) 
Our 4 eight graders (2016 grads), 2 Freshman (2015 grads) and 2 Sophomores (2014 grads) played a significant amount of time with 5 of our 7 goals coming from them. We had only 1 graduating senior playing this year with 5 players committed to colleges. Unfortunately, Briana Thomasson and Nicki Palermo were unable to make the game due to injury. 
The central midfield trio of UNC-bound Annie Kingman, USC-bound Dana Schwartz and 2014 grad Sunny Lyu played very entertaining and attractive soccer through sophisticated combination play under extreme pressure, with youngster Georgia Kingman filling in at times and playing with a composure and technical capability very impressive for a 13 year old. Center back Siobhan Cox cleaned up at the back, winning nearly every 1 v 1 duel, and providing good support in the attack. She was partnered with UC Santa Barbara-bound Sydney Carr, who had a very steady tournament, and 2015 grad and 2010 US U14 national team camp participant Amanda Shorin at right back who played a majority of the games despite being injured for most of the year and 2013 grad Ashley Zhao who recovered from flu and injury to contribute at left back. On occasions, forward Jacey Pederson filled in at the outside back position when she wasn't scoring one of her 4 goals up front and putting offensive pressure on the opponents. 2013 grad goalkeeper Alyson Nilan-Axline had a good tournament, making several critical saves, given it was her first performance for the team. 2013 grad Elizabeth Cruz had a solid tournament up front showing much improvement as did forward Sophia Villalta, who did very well playing 4 years up. 2016 grad and U14 player Alison Lu had a good performance as a center forward, putting pressure on defenders, connecting well with teammates, and scoring an important goal in the third game. 2015 grad Lauren McHugh made the trip 1 day later but also contributed well to the team performance, while 2013 grad Maya Norman handed in solid performances after she rendezvoused with the team from being in Spain for 9 months on a study abroad program. 
We will connect our players with your schools and make sure they follow up with you. We will send some to ID camps that you conduct and invite you to run sessions in Northern California. In addition, we hope to see you at other showcase events and look forward to following up with phone conversations in the next week or so. 
Thanks once again for your interest in PSV Union players! 
Best Wishes,
Gary Ireland, Director of Coaching & Operations, PSV Union FC
Carine Ireland, Girls Director of Coaching & General Manager, PSV Union FC