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PSV Union FC Academy 98-01G (Graduating 2018-2020)

Hello College Coaches:
PSV Union 99-01G is a team comprised mostly of 2020, 2019 & 2018 graduates. PSV Union FC prides itself in also playing players 'up' to give players invaluable experience. The players are on track to  play D1, D3, Ivy & Nescac. Several players on the roster are committed to playing college soccer while some will make their college decisions shortly. 
PSV Union FC (NPL & USSDA) is a successful all-girls club located 35 miles south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley and is renowned for developing players. The club and its teams has received many accolades for its creative, flexible and attractive style of play. The club has helped develop USA National team players, Mexico National team players and US Soccer Federation National Training Center players, with a number of players selected for various identification programs (see here for a list of former college and national team players). Our staff includes current and former men's and women's professional and college and World Cup coaches. 
Our success as a club is measured by developing individual players as well as team success. The individual success within the team framework is an essential ingredient of our development philosophy. We do not measure success only by tournament wins, league championships or winning State Cups but by the positive feedback we receive from soccer experts and from former and current professional and college coaches and players who are supportive of the style of soccer we play and the types of players we develop.  Our playing style is creative, attacking, possession based with a premium on technical finesse and tactical sophistication. We focus on the way we play and equip players with the appropriate qualities required to play collegiate and international level soccer. Our players continual improvement is due to: training content and instruction with a focus on teaching rather than coaching: quality, frequency and intensity of trainings; a focus on long term development; player and coach commitment and parental support; club logistical and philosophical support and players excellent self training habits. 
We invite you to contact us for further information pertaining to the players’ availability, training habits, regimen, ability and future potential as we work closely with players and their families to identify and select the appropriate college program. We are provided by the players their top 10 college preferences so we are more able to point you in the right direction to save you valuable recruiting time.
Best Wishes
Founder & Director of Coaching
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(650) 387 4128