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Dear College Coaches 

Thank you for watching the PSV Union FC 95G team play this past weekend at the PDA Showcase in New Jersey. We appreciate your interest and in many cases, continued interest in PSV Union FC players. Our aim was to play attractive soccer and attempt to play out of the back, through the middfield and take chances in possession with individuals expressing themselves when and where possible. Many of you asked us in person and by email what the ages were of our players because you might have guessed the players seemed 'young'. We ask that you take into consideration that our outside backs, central defender, center midfielder and in some case several forwards were all 2016/17 graduates while our entire backline was 'new'. In addition this was the teams first outing together after re-forming only 1 week ago. For game #1 we were missing Maya Norman and USA U14 squad player Amanda Shorin (missed tournament-recovering from injury) while in Game #2 USA U17 player Jacey Pederson (2016) was injured half way through the game and also missed the 3rd game in case you were wondering why you didn't see her. When viewing our team play please note that it was our first weekend together as the 95G and had 10 of the 15 players playing 1-3 years 'up. Our entire backline was 'new' too because we didnt take our backline with us from the Spring 2013 season. Three of the starting backline will play at UCSD, UCSB, Stanford so the young replacements (all Freshman 2016 grads) filled their shoes very well. 

We did not take our graduating seniors to PDA because they matriculated the week prior to the tournament and instead it gave is the opportunity to play our younger players with our 17's accumulating great experience playing 'up' vs. high caliber opposition. As stated earlier we had many youngers and on occasions we had 6 Freshman (2016 grads) and a Middle School player (2017) on the field. We received much praise from college coaches, opposition coaches and spectators. We have only one member of the squad currently committed to college soccer; Annie Kingman #4. (2014 Grad). 

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PSV Union is a successful youth soccer club located 30 miles south of San Francisco in Silicon Valley renowned for developing soccer talent and helping place players in the appropriate college environment, academically, scholastically and geographically while matching their soccer aspirations. We have a number of high caliber college bound players, with some receiving considerable interest from college coaches. The team has received numerous accolades for their creative and attractive style of play. The team features several USA National squad players and several US Soccer Federation National Training Center players. We have previously had a number of players selected for various identification programs. (see here for a list of former college and national team players).


We have many players selected for various identification programs and currently have a new group of younger players coming through the program. Several colleges have recently run sessions at our facility; USF, USC, St Mary’s, Chicago with many others are planning to do the same. If you would like to run a session at our facility we would be more than happy to host you. Club coaches, players and club coaches all feel that its an ideal way to see get to know each other and see each other function in their own element. Several players from PSV Union have been scouted in this manner. We do hope you can run a session at PSV Union on your next visit to the San Francisco Bay Area. 


Several players have already committed to NCAA D1 schools with a number of NCAA Div. 1 colleges expressing interest in PSV Union players. While some are ready to make their college decisions shortly, others have several more years before deciding. The team is one of the top ‘age pure’ teams in the State so please consider the age disparity when looking at our players perform against older and physically mature athletes. Many of our U17 players are Middle School & Freshman competing with older college bound student athletes. We do have several other players who although have not been recognized by ID platforms are being recognized by colleges and have received positive feedback. We do expect all players on the squad to be playing D1 college with some of the players expecting to be impact D1 college players and National team players. Some players have already committed to: North Carolina, University of Washington, USC, Stanford, Chicago, Santa Barbara, UCSD, UCSC, Bowdoin. 



Click on the playersname below on the players page for academic & soccer information including grad. year as well as contact details and evaluations and committed/uncommitted players. Go to 'Player Tracker' so scout players on this nationwide player scouting database. 


Lindsay Karle 2014

Georgia Kingman 2016

Annie Kingman 2014

Alison Lu 2016

Sunny Lyu 2014

Annie McEachron 2015 

Lauren McHugh 2015 

Maddison Morgan 2014 

Maya Norman 2013

Jacey Pederson 2016

Amanda Shorin 2015

Sophia Villalta 2016

Robin Waymouth  2016

Olivia Athens 2017

Nikolina Carjonga 2016

Molly Lynch (guest goalkeeper-LA-2016)


PSV Union players are hardworking, committed, want to improve and are good people. We have coached and known some of the players for many years and can provide excellent character references. We can talk with you more regarding to their capabilities, potential and character and give you an accurate evaluation of whether they would fit into your program. You can also see their evaluations on their Player Pages above. Simply type in the players name and you will have automatic access to their details as a college coach. You can also connect with the player directly using


For the past 20 years we have worked in various capacities in the game including being a developer of collegiate and professional level players and have helped advise and helped place numerous players in college programs therefore qualified to provide a professional and accurate assessment of or players’ abilities and potential. Our staff includes former World Cup players on both the men’s and women’s side of the game as well as coaches who have coached professionally, collegiate and other high levels in the game. To read more on our coaching and playing philosophy click HERE