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PSV Union & High School Soccer


The following is useful information pertaining to playing club soccer at PSV Union and High School Soccer. Note, after November 15th official high school games commence which means that if a player plays club after this date they cannot play high school soccer. If a HS player has played a HS game then decides to play in an 11 v 11 match (or more than a 5 v 5 in outside-non HS competiion) they will lose HS soccer eligibility. This is a HS rule, not a club rule. RULE 600- CIF

"Individual skill testing and something like a goalie defending goals against three offensive kickers would be acceptable" 


Q: Should I/my child play High School soccer?

A: This is an individual choice the player and family makes. High school teams consist of a mix of players of various levels, experience, motivations, competitiveness and age groups. The HS season is 2-3 months long, with a large number of games in a short period of time, so the emphasis is different than the high practice-to-game ratio and development model of club soccer at PSV. Each HS program also varies in strength and quality of coaching and level of competition. 

Q: Can I play both High School Soccer and Club Soccer at the same time? 

A:  No, because CIF/CCS Rule 600 prevents high school players from playing more than 5 v 5 competition and US Soccer will not allow it (as per above) but you can practice with club as long as you are not playing more than 5 v 5. PSV offers a Winter season along with additional small group technical trainings several times per week during the HS season. With the older PSV teams, once per week club training sessions are mandatory (these are light technical sessions). 

Q: Can players train outside of High School soccer? 

A: Yes. All PSV players playing HS soccer participate in once per week PSV winter session. PSV has been running a Winter program since 2003 with some HS players opting out of playing HS Soccer. We always make sure it fits the micro/macro schedule e.g. we won't permit players playing HS soccer to train with us the same day as a HS game they have played substantial time in, and not before a HS game on the same day. If a player doesn't get much time with their HS team then we permit participation because the player generally won't be too fatigued. HS coaches cannot prevent a player training outside of HS soccer. However, we do support HS coaches who don't want HS players training before HS games in order to get adequate rest. 

Q: Does playing HS soccer increase my child's chance of playing college soccer? 

A: Club has long been the primary pathway for player identification and recruitment to National Team and College. HS soccer has not traditionally been considered a recruiting platform for college, however college coaches may occasionally see local games if they are convenient and perhaps in the latter stages of playoffs (local colleges only) but you won't find any/many colleges traveling out of their immediate area to scout at HS games.

Q: Do players at PSV opt out of HS soccer? 

A:  Some. PSV offers a strong Winter program where the players excel considerably during the winter season.  Everyone is in a different situation so it all depends on the individual player and family but there are many players who do not play HS soccer and seeking training during the Winter. 

Q: What should I do if my HS tryouts and practices interfere with club commitments (practices or games)?

Older players who were previously on their HS team are usually required to show up to one HS tryout as a courtesy and don't return to regular HS practice until after the club season finishes after (usually after Thanksgiving weekend or Surf College Showcase). With freshman, HS coaches may require that they attend more tryouts. We require players playing HS to honor their commitment to 3x/week club team trainings until the club season is completed. 

It is up to the player and the family to obtain the tryout schedule in advance and work out a schedule. Tell your HS coach that you have existing obligations to your club and explain the PSV Union requirements. You may also provide the school with our contact details. Let us know if you have any questions and we can help you through this process. Your HS coach knows that you are still in season with club and that you are also preparing for serious club activities. We have not experienced HS coaches insisting players attend every tryout and miss club soccer. Many of our coaches have coached high school soccer and understand the conflicts. These schedule conflicts can easily be rectified with proactive communication. 

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